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  • 12/28 17:07:22 Marci: just sold them, then bought the same amount back
  • 01/02 10:39:07 Oralia: taxes only apply if you move crypto to USD, correct?
  • 01/02 10:42:57 Marci: i believe crypto to crypto are also considered taxable events
  • 01/02 10:47:22 Oralia: gah. that audit is gonna suck if it happens
  • 01/02 11:28:34 Marci: agreed. my bot made something like 3000 transactions in 2018. guessing in the future (if not now) the IRS _could_ automate the audit similar to the tax tools I used by importing transaction data from a number of exchanges
  • 01/02 11:29:03 Marci: buuuuut, guessing they're a little stretched thin at the moment to have that capability
  • 01/02 11:29:17 Jillian: Oof. Yeah that is alot of crap to deal with
  • 01/02 11:29:36 Marci: luckily bitcoin.tax does a pretty decent job at it
  • 01/02 11:30:07 Elba: Looking at it another way, they're stretched too thin _not_ to automate wink
  • 01/02 11:30:15 Marci: good point...
  • 01/02 11:30:57 Elba: I've heard there are some things about the existing income tax workflow that they want to automate, but can't because of laws that Intuit and H&R Block lobbied for
  • 01/09 14:49:34 Elba: https://www.zdnet.com/article/users-report-losi...
  • 01/09 14:50:19 Elba: >>>How the attack works: • Attacker added tens of malicious servers to the Electrum wallet network. • Users of legitimate Electrum wallets initiate a Bitcoin transaction. • If the transaction reaches one of the malicious servers, these servers reply with an error message that urges users to download a wallet app update from a malicious website (GitHub repo). • User clicks the link and downloads the malicious update. • When the user opens the malicious Electrum wallet, the app asks the user for a two-factor authentication (2FA) code. This is a red flag, as these 2FA codes are only requested before sending funds, and not at wallet startup. • The malicious Electrum wallet uses the 2FA code to steal the user's funds and transfer them to the attacker's Bitcoin addresses.
  • 01/09 17:11:21 Marci: woah
  • 01/10 14:59:43 Oralia: who says we don't innovate anymore?
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