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  • 07/06 12:14:59 Herman: So Visa is keeping, what, 3% of that $8K away from the roofer? That's $240 that should incentivize the vendor to accept Bitcoin
  • 07/06 12:51:46 Robin: good point
  • 07/06 16:51:39 Gonzalo: @Herman So update on the lil bot thing I made. I made a backtester for it and I've been giving it a range of 3-4 days at random, and it seems to work pretty well. However, it takes like about 7 minutes to do just 3-4 days of 15Minute candles. How can I speed this up?
  • 07/09 10:52:42 Herman: @Gonzalo what part(s) are slow? Are you making a billion API calls?
  • 07/09 11:46:18 Gonzalo: No actually, I make one API call to get all the historical data I want, and then don't make anymore calls! The parts that are slow are the computation and dataframe cell replacements
  • 07/09 13:11:09 Herman: huh... how many datapoints? millions? I would think thousands would math extremely fast... I don't know anything about the performance of whatever bits you're using
  • 07/09 16:58:56 Gonzalo: Well it's the number of 15 minute intervals between January 1st until now
  • 07/09 16:59:35 Gonzalo: With a rolling window. So it's probably millions I'm guessing
  • 07/09 17:59:11 Herman: ? 1 datapoint every 15m? 4 an hour * 24 hours * 30 days/month * 7 months = 20K datapoints -- a single mathy operation on that is taking how long?
  • 07/09 17:59:39 Herman: I would think math stuff on 20K datapoints would be really fast?
  • 07/09 19:49:19 Gonzalo: what I'm trying to do is in the <#C02GUKAB0|python> chat. But I figured it out. I just used cython. I went from ~.19 seconds/iteration to .02 seconds/iteration
  • 07/10 09:03:15 Robin: clap
  • 07/10 13:42:49 Herman: glad this slack is apparently helping smile
  • 07/11 07:48:02 Gonzalo: I think it is though. Like it gets me to formulate a question in a way that others would understand it. And that forces me to understand my code haha
  • 07/11 10:33:43 Herman: I was being sincere. (Now I'm having a does-everyone-think-I'm-always-being-sarcastic? meltdown) slightly_smiling_face
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