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  • 12/13 10:33:54 Chin: webinar tomorrow: Using Neo4j to Explore the Bitcoin Blockchain
  • 12/14 16:05:37 Chin: Neo4j 800GB database - Bitcoin blockchain https://youtu.be/F19kdD5bc7c?t=23m52s
  • 12/14 16:10:35 Denisha: 100
  • 12/15 13:05:49 Chin: oooo https://bitcoin.tax/
  • 12/15 13:29:48 Vannesa: Nice, will have to check that out
  • 12/15 13:31:22 Vannesa: I am happy to pay applicable taxes for crypto, but have no idea how to do it. I’m just used to companies sending me tax docs, and then me forwarding them to my tax person. upside_down_face
  • 12/15 15:04:29 Chin: ha ya if you actually do it I'd love to read your blog post about it
  • 12/15 15:04:51 Chin: i'll probably run the coinbase report again and hope its still empty
  • 12/15 15:04:56 Chin: and call that good
  • 12/15 15:05:51 Chin: If I ever pull real money out I'll ask my tax gal how to shelter it offshore or trust fund it or something
  • 12/15 15:06:14 Chin: they're already getting PLENTY out of me on my W-2
  • 12/15 15:06:36 Chin: they being society
  • 12/15 15:06:47 Chin: I prefer to choose my own charities specifically when I can slightly_smiling_face
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