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  • 05/08 16:43:17 Alysia: Hey folks in the Omaha area ! As you probably know the TechOmaha spring happy hour is June 5th! We are looking for volunteers for the welcome table 30 minute slots! If you could share this with meetup org teams that would be awesome. If you want to volunteer ping me here or
  • 05/09 09:19:12 Latricia: I want to volunteer! Any slot is ok with me. Thanks
  • 05/09 09:19:42 Gerri: I’ll volunteer too slightly_smiling_face
  • 05/09 09:34:15 Claudio: I’ll be out of state. I forwarded the info to the OJUG leadership team.
  • 05/09 10:05:38 Alysia: Awesome! @Latricia & @Gerri I have you both working the table from 5:30-6 - thank you! @Claudio much appreciated thank you as well
  • 05/09 10:21:51 Claudio: Wow, so much charisma packed into 30 minutes….you sure you don’t want to split up that power couple?
  • 05/09 10:25:07 Alysia: lol I think it's going to be great!
  • 05/22 16:08:56 Brenton: Anyone know of a good solution for collecting requests to join a slack? Is google forms the state of the art? I don't want the full 'show public channels publicly' web view that MWDC has.
  • 05/22 16:09:58 Adelina: You don’t want self-registration?
  • 05/22 16:13:17 Brenton: Not without minimal vetting
  • 05/22 16:29:40 Alysia: a google form or form of sorts does seem to be the norm for that vetting need
  • 05/22 16:38:45 Angeline: I wouldn’t say this is a _great_ solution but I have a form on my meetup’s website that just emails me when someone fills it out http://sideprojectsclub.com/slack/
  • 05/22 16:39:05 Angeline: And we manually add the members to our Slack team with that form data
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