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  • 03/25 13:21:39 Benito: right, but that type of agreement was the problem. that is one of the reasons legal had to get involved. if attendance meant that we were granting them permission to mention the company, attending was denied
  • 03/25 13:22:10 Chasity: agreed.
  • 03/25 13:22:15 Maya: A meetup I attend co-met with another local one this month. And their host recently added a prior-registration (name only) requirement. It was a bit of a hassle. After they recognized the problem, the venue did a good job of relaxing the policy and admitting people.
  • 03/25 13:22:16 Benito: needing to read the fine print to know what youre giving up is still pretty shady
  • 03/25 13:22:48 Maya: A meetup I help organize is blessed with a very lax admittance policy because the giant conf room we use is off the public lobby, 10ft off the front door.
  • 03/25 13:23:02 Maya: Thank you Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska!
  • 03/25 13:23:45 Chasity: do you think that a company would not sponsor an event because their name is shown publicly? if so, you have already likely worked through that (not showing their logo, but taking their money, lol)
  • 03/25 13:25:52 Maya: Yes. I was denied the opportunity to co-present at Red Hat Summit because my employer (DoD contractor) would not let me divulge that the project was using a particular open-source tool maintained by RH.
  • 03/25 13:25:53 Chasity: I think we agree. Neither assume (instead ask) nor require (instead be open to all levels of public/private).
  • 03/25 13:26:16 Maya: It was a testing tool….paranoia to the extreme.
  • 03/25 13:29:43 Chasity: From the community organizer seat, I try to be as open and accepting of all as possible, but at the end of the day I am still an event promoter so I need to use every tool at my discretion to win in an attention based economy. Assuming someone will agree to saying they are going to speak/attend/sponsor then that will be used... however if they don't explicitly agree then it should not be used and that person/company should still be welcome. IMHO.
  • 03/25 13:30:40 Maya: sounds like you have this very figured out. slightly_smiling_face
  • 03/25 15:55:20 Tyrone: If a company doesn't want their name mentioned, then wouldn't it be easiest as an attendee to just not enter the company info? Just enter something random.
  • 03/25 16:29:32 Chasity: That is an interesting take, perhaps in the attendee ticket taking app (eventbrite/meetup.com) that is stated - if you share certain information with us (such as company or some other field(s) ), then we are free to share that with our community.
  • 03/25 16:30:43 Chasity: Unfortunately I don't have this figured out yet... I have formed an opinion (weakly held) from running events over the last several years. I am thinking this year we need to have more text in our agreements with sponsors and attendees regarding things like this.
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