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  • 08/14 11:10:55 Altha: Lol. Mission: *Failed*. So I'm assuming your handling the db side of things. Do we need to modify the scripts to point to the new db?
  • 08/14 11:25:26 Yetta: uhh, I mean, if anyone wants to get a refreshed DB up and running that would be amazeballs. Not sure when I'll get back to trying it again
  • 08/14 11:26:04 Yetta: touching the UI before a DB exists seems overly optimistic to me
  • 08/14 11:31:58 Tashia: I’m a front-end person, but happy to help where I can.
  • 08/14 11:47:58 Altha: Ya I agree ui needs to wait before back end is done. I just dont know where the back end stands?
  • 08/14 11:49:09 Clifton: Well not DONE
  • 08/14 11:49:15 Clifton: but yep
  • 08/14 11:49:58 Yetta: The 2016 github repo presumably has all the code necessary to flush fresh data into a MySQL database. I tried locally and hit a bunch of Python library problems. So I figured I'd Dockerize MySQL creation & loading. And then I got distracted.
  • 08/14 11:50:56 Yetta: *all except this https://github.com/OWH-projects/nadc_data/issues/1 ?
  • 08/14 12:19:46 Yetta: lolz ... and apparently dorking with Docker somehow broke my work Docker environment. DOCKER IS SO EASY AND I LOVE IT <#C04JD2N6U|sturm_und_drang> > DETAIL: The data directory was initialized by PostgreSQL version 9.6, which is not compatible with this version 9.4.24.
  • 08/14 12:19:57 Yetta: damn you civic hacking!! slightly_smiling_face
  • 08/14 12:20:26 Yetta: yes, I'm aware our work pg is insanely old
  • 08/14 12:22:42 Clifton: #judgmentfreezone
  • 08/14 13:50:33 Altha: Lol k..I can see clearly now!
  • 08/14 14:37:36 Clifton: The rain is gone. You can see all obstacles in your way.
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