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  • 11/14 09:14:01 Laurence: LET THEM IN!
  • 11/14 11:51:54 Jeremiah: heh, they're so sweet with them! I bet it started as "I want to get in there" but then they realized "this is where I come and the magic door opens and a hooman comes out and pets my face"
  • 11/14 11:52:59 Sebrina: ^ that's what my thought was. It's pretty obvious from the black cat just plopping over. It might have initially been them trying to get in, but at this point they just know they'll get free pets every time they come by a hooman smile
  • 11/14 11:58:24 Jeremiah: it's the purrfect situation really
  • 11/14 16:36:15 Dominque: “Hi, sorry I was late for the meeting, had… headset issues” [actually busy taking the cat out of the backpack, because he thought it would look _adorable_]
  • 11/14 16:38:03 Dominque:
  • 11/14 16:42:30 Dominque: [was not wrong]
  • 11/14 16:54:51 Merlyn: That is adorable.
  • 11/14 17:45:18 Yelena:
  • 11/14 17:45:29 Yelena: this was going to be cute, but he moved at the last second. Now it looks terrifying
  • 11/14 17:46:08 Laurence: Hahaha ok thank you because I'm like wtf is going on with his eye ???
  • 11/14 17:57:06 Yelena: That’s his inner demon showing through.
  • 11/15 09:22:24 Kurtis: He’s just powering up one of his lasers.
  • 11/18 14:53:32 Dominque:
  • 11/18 15:32:37 Laurence:
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