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  • 05/17 10:21:33 Agustin: RIP grumpy cat and might I add it’s incredible that an internet famous cats death is getting so much national attention. I got alerts when the news broke. ALERTS
  • 05/17 10:22:02 Roxie: WHAT
  • 05/17 10:22:09 Roxie: I DID NOT SEE THIS
  • 05/17 10:24:41 Roxie: and now I am sad
  • 05/17 10:26:19 Agustin: :(
  • 05/17 10:36:30 Jaclyn: I am reminded of Josh Wills’ quip about his data scientist tweet being as popular as what Justin Bieber had for breakfast.
  • 05/17 10:49:28 Agustin: sob I’m such an internet cat nerd. I even have their trading cards that came out several years ago before they all started dying.
  • 05/17 11:23:27 Quincy: crying_cat_face
  • 05/17 11:33:36 Alise: How did grumpy cat die disappointed
  • 05/17 11:35:17 Roxie: complications from a UTI
  • 05/17 11:35:36 Alise: ;-;
  • 05/17 11:56:55 Arvilla: I got more alerts for grumpy cat then I M Pei which is pretty crazy
  • 05/17 15:03:41 Leatrice: Tip of the hat to @Teofila for posting this at work.
  • 05/21 22:34:26 Agustin: I’m screaming scream_cat this was yoinked from the “not to be dramatic but I would die for this cat” fb group
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