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  • 09/26 14:20:17 Deandre: @Shizue brilliant
  • 09/26 14:21:23 Shizue: I think you're right that together they'd be a lot less c:
  • 10/04 10:04:03 Eula: We found three cats were less work than two (except at feeding time since the newcomer likes to steal food). But kittens are just exhausting until they are a year or two years old.
  • 10/04 10:05:55 Eula: I really liked this blog for helping us select a happy family of cats: http://www.wayofcats.com/blog/cat-types
  • 10/04 10:21:42 Shizue: @Eula that's a really interesting blog!
  • 10/04 10:24:27 Eula: Yeah, I really liked it, especially its concept of a cat language and cat personality types. The idea that you can’t train or teach a cat isn’t right, but it is really different than dogs, which is what I was used to before my current cat family.
  • 10/04 10:31:10 Shizue: Exactly!! blush
  • 10/06 10:52:14 Deandre: So this morning I wake up and check NEHS's facebook to see if they are doing free cat Friday and sure enough they are. Then a little later I look at my phone and my mom had texted me letting me know that it was free cat Friday. I'm thinking Imma go check out some cats after work today.
  • 10/06 10:53:06 Shizue: eeee!!
  • 10/09 11:53:50 Deandre: @Deandre uploaded a file: Private image uploaded, members only. Sorry. and commented: His surgical wound from his neuter isn't fully healed so I put the cone on him. He's very sweet and asks for pets/snuggles in a gentle manner.
  • 10/18 12:56:53 Gladys: https://twitter.com/videocats/status/9202249682...
  • 10/18 13:01:38 Leann: i just LOLed
  • 10/18 13:02:10 Leann: @Leann uploaded a file: https://midwestdevchat.slack.com/files/U56EUJGG...
  • 10/18 13:02:37 Leann: kitteh made friends with the robovac
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