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  • 09/13 10:35:52 Sudie: Laser pointers and wand toys are life savers. Play with him for like 15 minutes before you feed him and that should help a lot! This is also why people say that it's good to adopt kittens in pairs. I know you have another cat but if she's older she may be less interested in being an outlet for kitten play. I know with mine, my 2 year old cat is pretty good about playing with the younger one, but she does get sick of it faster and sometimes I have to supplement laser pointer or wand toy play to get out some of that crazy energy! The first year is pretty hard, but it should noticeably improve by a year, and then moreso every few months after that as he grows up. c:
  • 09/13 10:36:47 Sudie: Although my younger one is just over a year and she's still insane and can be kind of a jerk so who knows haha joy
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