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  • 01/10 13:00:26 Ming: my cat has recently taken to sitting on the corner of my kitchen table and watching the wall clock tick by
  • 01/11 10:45:07 Malcolm: https://twitter.com/TheLawPanda/status/10830080...
  • 01/11 10:59:39 Latonia: I can't watch that enough. I used to have a really great cat but he didn't take shit from no one and I would tell people not to push him. They would (he was big like a pupper) and he'd show them whats up! Cats are no ones punk!
  • 01/11 11:11:46 Elva: I know they say you shouldn’t play rough directly with your cats, but look, I’m willing to get scratched and bitten a _little_ if it means my youngest cat gets to play with me the same way she plays with another cat. But she’s never tried to go after me bodily, even so. That’s confidence!
  • 01/16 11:54:39 Latonia: I’m an independent kitteh
  • 01/16 13:59:11 Toni: reminds me of
  • 01/16 14:36:12 Malcolm: Also relevant
  • 01/16 14:38:46 Valeri: also https://theoatmeal.com/comics/cat_vs_internet
  • 01/16 14:42:22 Elva: I started off getting sad about not being home with my cats, but that last one reminded me how work goes when I _am_ home with my cats, sooo.
  • 01/16 15:31:12 Ming: my cat is not a cuddler. but he often comes into my office and sits in the window
  • 01/16 15:41:48 Ryan: he's only okay with this if there are hoodie strings to be played with
  • 01/16 15:59:47 Valeri: that face
  • 01/17 11:08:17 Latonia: Factnews except this happens when I’m putting food in their bowls. My cat Murray likes to headbutt my hand causing flying cat food. I’ve gotten better at dodging the butts.
  • 01/17 13:12:46 Wallace: that’s my baby
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