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  • 03/04 11:16:01 Julietta: I think I can make it about 10 seconds before I have to move my hand away
  • 03/04 11:17:57 Desire: I won't make this mistake again laughing
  • 03/04 11:47:09 Cortney: Look at this absolute unit. I mean, what a specimen.
  • 03/04 13:25:57 Kaley: It really doesn't bother me all that much... Once you get past that initial pain after it's raw haha
  • 03/05 08:31:08 Zona: https://twitter.com/arumi_kai/status/1102737397...
  • 03/06 08:58:39 Zona: https://twitter.com/TheDreamGhoul/status/109526...
  • 03/06 10:06:40 Cortney: “a photo series”
  • 03/07 10:41:42 Zona: Brotherly warmth on a chilly morning
  • 03/07 13:56:57 Zona:
  • 03/07 13:57:13 Zona: I feel like that might be the origin story of this cat Image File [click to view]
  • 03/07 15:55:12 Kaley: Ordered cat food, a new litter box, and litter from Chewy... Some jackass opened the boxes on my front porch and stole the litter. What the hell?
  • 03/07 22:10:12 Mireille: Image File [click to view]
  • 03/08 08:40:06 Emerita: It’s really hard to leave in the morning when Scout sits on the couch giving me this look. cold_sweat
  • 03/11 15:32:03 Devorah: She really, really wanted some chocolate (didn't give her any, obviously) so she kept getting closer and closer to the chocolate/my face.
  • 03/11 15:35:11 Zona: https://twitter.com/manuclearbomb/status/110509...
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