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  • 08/12 10:43:14 Gabriela: @Laveta thanks for great advice!!
  • 08/12 10:57:17 Laveta: This is partly relaying on stuff from conversations I’ve had about that concept and relocation, not practical experience, but I’ve at least seen it work out relatively well for people I know, and as a former accountant I’m a big fan of making real budgets instead of just getting overwhelmed. slightly_smiling_face
  • 08/12 15:13:12 Gabriela: Just me again... like that caller that call in to your favorite show every morning! How bad is it if make a pull request on your interviewers repo? Not for street cred or "I'm better than you"..but just trying to help out?
  • 08/12 15:14:12 Gabriela: Should email them first and clear everything up before submitting anything...correct?
  • 08/12 15:15:40 Benito: As long as the PR description says why it’s there, I think it’s fine.
  • 08/12 19:41:15 Justin: A public repository?
  • 08/12 19:41:26 Justin: I'd follow open-source standards
  • 08/12 19:41:52 Justin: If it's a feature-add or some other decent-sized change, it's safer to open an issue first asking if the change is desired
  • 08/12 19:42:13 Justin: If it's a fix or small improvement, open a PR that fully explains the motivation for the change, and doesn't introduce more than one change in the PR
  • 08/12 20:05:11 Gabriela: Perfect, it would just a small change to abstract away some security creds.. thanks @Justin
  • 08/12 20:06:16 Justin: :+1: Just make sure before opening the PR that every line changed in the PR is directly related to the one single thing you're fixing, and the maintainers will appreciate it
  • 08/12 20:06:54 Gabriela: Awesome, I really appreciate the info. I have a small problem with wanting to help everyone lol
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