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  • 11/29 11:09:27 Amanda: No shit
  • 11/29 11:10:21 Amanda: Every job I've applied for, I'm super insecure about having the skills they are looking for even after interviewing
  • 11/29 11:11:57 Sanjuanita: tbh, if there were a rock concert with ninja’s flipping around on stage, I’d buy all the tickets
  • 11/29 11:12:07 Amanda: point_up
  • 11/29 11:12:21 Sanjuanita: which I suppose is the appeal of Circ d’Soleil (sp? nah)
  • 11/29 11:12:45 Sanjuanita: I bet those performers get paid terribly.
  • 11/29 11:13:46 Jasmin: I mean, there’s Ninja Brian, but I’m not sure he’s the world’s most authentic ninja.
  • 11/29 11:14:01 Sanjuanita:
  • 11/29 11:14:38 Sanjuanita: tbh, I’m super interested in this topic, but will have to read those articles later. Sorry for the derailment — _for once_
  • 11/29 11:27:55 Jasmin: But yeah, I think even today I’d have questions about applying for the job I’ve been doing and doing well at for two years now based on how my company usually advertises stuff and even based on the stuff they asked at my interview. Thankfully I had encouragement at the time. But nothing’s changed about how they do the process.
  • 11/29 11:40:57 Sandi: Has StackOverflow been a good source of job opportunities for anyone? Or have people had better success through other channels?
  • 11/29 11:41:15 Amanda: I've only got jobs through people I've known
  • 11/29 11:41:53 Amanda: While not taking any of the jobs recruiters have came in handy getting interviews
  • 11/29 11:42:21 Tommy: #1 place where I got the most interviews from was https://angel.co/jobs
  • 11/29 11:43:21 Tommy: stackoverflow I got quite a few too. Its pretty decent. If you are looking for local jobs there is probably a local website though
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