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  • 04/15 16:30:04 Annemarie: ooooh, good ol octothrope
  • 04/15 16:30:31 Annemarie: Symbol reuse takes its 1# of flesh yet again...
  • 04/15 16:30:33 Xiao: Which, like: That is super common, so I don’t mean that to sound judgy.
  • 04/15 16:33:27 Xiao: (If nothing else, file extensions even if you can’t submit payment or have no idea how much payment to submit, make appointment with CPA next week.)
  • 04/15 16:35:14 Daniell: good chat!
  • 04/15 16:42:51 Angelyn: Im confused if you are saying you should hire someone in-house or hire a business service?
  • 04/15 16:43:35 Angelyn: I know there are a couple of business in KC that specialize working with startups to get account/bookkeeping/tax prep done without having to bring someone in house.
  • 04/15 16:44:03 Angelyn: Which could allow someone without those experiences to figure out what they are looking for
  • 04/15 16:47:34 Xiao: What is necessary on that score depends an enormous amount on the specific business, I’m not saying anybody in particular needs any particular solution for that at any particular point in their company’s growth.
  • 04/15 16:50:57 Xiao: But also there’s no solution that works for all sizes of companies, and figuring out when to transition from one to another is difficult, and I wouldn’t 100% trust that a service you pay on an ongoing basis is going to give you the best possible advice about when to stop paying them as much. (Though on the other hand, some will do that fine.)
  • 04/15 18:06:29 Irina: is it #paytalk or #talkpay ? (mentioned for the benefit of anyone who might be searching by that string)
  • 04/15 19:09:27 Daniell: #salarytalk ?
  • 04/15 19:43:03 Marianela: People interested in that discussion will probably also be interested in The Hard Thing About Hard Things
  • 04/15 19:43:36 Marianela: I've been listening to it lately. It spends most of its time on the meta-work of keeping a company from falling apart at different scales
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