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  • 02/13 12:52:56 Dolores: cause people here are right… its all just trading off some pros and cons… probalby never find that perfect place ..or if ya do, it’s a living organism that evolves too and changes
  • 02/13 12:56:17 Alaine: There’s also a death-by-a-thousand-cuts thing here (or maybe there’s a different term for it), where you might weigh the immediate question “should I interview” against tangible correlation (new job = new pay). But there’s a longer game which is at least as important, about whether your health coverage for your household is tied to a company that might go under, or a job in a department that might get cut. Or whether more career growth now at that new job means that 5 years from now you have 100 times the opportunities you do today, etc. Or working remote means your job isn’t tied to your actual physical house and geographic location, etc. To some extent that’s called opportunity cost (benefit). But it’s easy to focus on the immediate causality and conclude that the current job is “good enough”.
  • 02/13 12:58:35 Eliz: Piggybacking off of this...how much stock do you all put in glassdoor reviews? What are some of the red flags you look for about a potential new employer?
  • 02/13 13:01:43 Dolores: I think adds good color that we didn’t necessarily have before. But like all “reviews” have to be slightly skeptical. I tend to look for trends. Esp recent trends.
  • 02/13 13:02:19 Etta: I look for systematic things. "My manager was a dick" isn't very useful, but if I see patterns of things across the company, or coming down from the top, that's a red flag.
  • 02/13 13:02:19 Dolores: But a lot of people’s opinions are shaped by the team they are on. The bigger the company the more that plays a role
  • 02/13 13:06:14 Alaine: I still look at Glassdoor, but there’s some strong evidence out on the web that it is entirely unreliable, in the same way that Yelp is.
  • 02/13 13:07:30 Alaine: There is a data set published by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) with mean salaries for fairly detailed job types. It matches closely with my experience and the stereotypes we all know (plastic surgeons make bank). So I tend to view that data set as a decent indicator.
  • 02/13 13:07:58 Gayla: 1) Anything below 4.0 is worthy of closer scrutiny. 2) Be wary of all current-employee reviews
  • 02/13 13:14:20 Eliz: There is a guy I connected with for some other work he's doing and he's trying to hire me to his marketing agency. they had some really fast growth a couple years ago and managed to rack up several bad reviews. I asked him to candidly speak to them, and he did, but mostly it sounded like "they weren't the right fit." He did admit to some legitimate concerns though and sounds like they made some changes. Just not sure I want to jump to a company that's still figuring out its identity and processes.
  • 02/13 13:24:34 Etta: His response would be the flag there: "they weren't the right fit" smacks of both a cop-out, and a lack of introspection. It sounds as though he didn't want to even take introspecting on those complaints seriously, let alone addressing them. I'd be wary.
  • 02/13 13:27:18 Eliz: I don't mind working with him on freelance - but I have a little experience with snake oil salesmen, and I'd like to see how their company progresses before joining full time, i think. Also they've made no bones about the fact that they want me (at least in part) due to the fact i'm female.
  • 02/13 13:43:20 Lupita: I'm all for diverse hiring, but specifically seeking someone out because of their gender feels like the wrong approach to me. Otherwise I feel like that perfectly describes the company I'm at now. I've been here 2 years and one of the big complaints I have is the lack of clearly defined processes. It can be really tiring when I feel like we're often just making things up as we go, and not learning from mistakes. I've tried to help shape things and put some process in place, but without buy-in from leadership it's difficult, or impossible, to enact real change
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