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  • 08/08 16:58:35 Chia: @Kristie thanks! we use http://codecov.io for work. slightly_smiling_face
  • 08/08 16:58:47 Chia: #has-to-work-easily-from-ed-the-standard-unix-editor wink
  • 08/08 16:59:12 Chia: I'll write a blog post sometime about how I have been using ed(1) to make sure I know all the thingz about C lang.
  • 08/17 11:22:09 Chia: I was trying a "sneaky" way to test hard-to-reach code paths by running a binary with a gdb script and having it do odd things at a C label. like...
  • 08/17 11:22:55 Chia: break functionName:LABEL_NAME
  • 08/17 11:24:30 Chia: so I wonder if anyone here has some experience with gcc I guess... when I use gcc 7.3.0 things work fine, the label is present in the binaries, but with gcc 4.8.4 the labels are missing. Pretty esoteric problem really. disappointed We are using http://travis-ci.org for CI build for some things and I'm pretty sure their max gcc version is 4.8 or maybe 4.9 if that's even the problem.
  • 08/17 12:51:51 Mayra: different optimization settings?
  • 08/17 14:48:14 Chia: maybe so... yeah... I'm not too fancy with my knowledge of gcc yet slightly_smiling_face thanks @Mayra
  • 08/17 14:48:33 Chia: I figured out I could install gcc-7 so am trying that first.
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