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  • 03/18 08:08:14 Joaquin: It's pretty dang interesting so far
  • 03/18 08:08:38 Joaquin: talking about the paradox where as humans we tend to avoid failure... except in games, where we tend to dislike if we don't get it
  • 03/18 08:09:48 Virgil: That is pretty interesting.
  • 03/18 08:17:57 Tomoko: Nice @Joaquin would you recommend When!
  • 03/18 08:21:01 Joaquin: ABSOLUTELY
  • 03/18 08:21:03 Joaquin: whoa caps
  • 03/18 08:21:06 Joaquin: Absolutely
  • 03/18 08:21:36 Joaquin: Daniel Pink's a great author and always v good at both having real psychology sources but giving a good narrative on top of them
  • 03/18 10:29:57 Virgil: If you’re ever in the mood for something a little different, _Get Well Soon: History’s Worst Plagues and the Heroes Who Fought Them_ is absolutely amazing.
  • 03/18 10:36:31 Tomoko: I love a good plague story, I have always been mildly obsessed with the bubonic plague since I learned about it in school.
  • 03/18 10:38:58 Virgil: The writer is super sarcastic and hilarious. I never thought a book about plagues would make me laugh so damned hard.
  • 03/18 10:39:20 Virgil: Not only is it massively informative but wildly funny as well.
  • 03/18 10:39:48 Tomoko: Ok you talked me into it, downloading it now!
  • 03/18 10:40:32 Virgil: Ha ha Yes!!
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