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  • 05/21 10:40:02 Emerson: Roux I believe
  • 05/21 10:40:21 Emerson: Hmmm but that is not something I have considered, what is the plural of this?
  • 05/21 10:40:34 Nancey: “roux” is the plural of “roux”? TIL. :)
  • 05/21 10:40:40 Nancey: haha
  • 05/21 10:40:52 Nancey: rouches… :P
  • 05/21 10:40:58 Ardith: getout
  • 05/21 10:43:04 Nancey: A roux on your family, I say!
  • 05/21 15:25:06 Hye: Oh man I'm so sad I missed this convo. @Emerson I also hardcore support Cook's Illustrated and ATK. Do you have _The Science of Good Cooking_? I love it because it gives techniques for absolutely everything. My ability to cook white rice improved 200% from that book. I also have their meat book. slightly_smiling_face
  • 05/21 15:26:01 Hye: The other one I really like is _Local Breads_ which is insanely detailed, super well researched recipes for European breads
  • 05/22 08:42:23 Emerson: @Hye thanks for the recommendations! I haven't checked out those before, but you guys are going to make my reading list so long
  • 05/22 08:50:56 Ardith: I am in the middle of _Leaders Eat Last_ by Simon Sinek
  • 05/22 08:51:18 Ardith: I really liked his _Start With Why_ but this one is SUPER STEEPED in evopsych and it makes me want to strangle
  • 05/22 09:17:52 Emerson: @Jerald had me listen to a podcast with Sean Webb on it, and I now want to check out his book Mind Hacking Happiness Vol. 1
  • 05/22 10:21:46 Hye: I have recently added graphic-novels-with-strong-women-leads to my summer reading categories. I already have/read _Apocalyptigirl: An Aria for the End Times_ and _The Secret Loves of Geek Girls_, and I just picked up a copy of _Nimona_ at the local bookstore. If anyone has other suggestions I'd love to hear them!
  • 05/22 10:56:36 Emerson: For new ones, I really have been digging Self Made (from image) but I don't know if they have a trade yet. Morning Glories is good, little twisted and gory fyi. Love Wicked + the Divine, and Papergirls
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