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  • 06/24 08:27:15 Sharita: Sapiens must be popular, I’ve been in the hold line for over a month
  • 06/24 08:30:52 Sharita: I read Achilles yesterday- enjoyed it just as much as Circe. Currently reading LOST AND WANTED By Nell Freudenberger.
  • 06/24 09:55:17 Zola: What is Lost And Wanted about? I like the title. Sounds like me. ha ha
  • 06/24 11:06:01 Sharita: Theoretical Physics And Down-To-Earth Loneliness
  • 06/24 11:06:12 Sharita: lol- I saw an NPR review, that's what made me grab it.
  • 06/25 08:02:31 Zola: Lol well that’s an odd combination. How is it?
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