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  • 01/03 13:37:09 Britney: I’m assuming the author is black? Because typically white authors writing black characters doesn’t work out well (I’m looking at you, every comic book from before the 90's with a black character).
  • 01/03 13:38:18 Andria: Yes, she is -- Tomi Adeyemi. She's a Nigerian-American author.
  • 01/03 13:38:50 Britney: Nice.
  • 01/03 13:39:16 Andria: I think this is her first full-length novel...so I have high hopes for the rest of her career.
  • 01/03 13:40:34 Andria: In a <#CF5KZQ18C|books> related note that is not about that one book I happened to love, I also started the Discworld books for the first time, perhaps later in life than most people discover them
  • 01/03 13:41:04 Andria: So I'm taking recommendations about which books from that series are best and which can be put off for later, since there's like...40-something?
  • 01/03 14:40:19 Marcela: I read that one this year too, and enjoyed it! For YA, it really wasn't too whiny. If you want to check out some other good recent YA I would check out Dread Nation, The Hate U Give, or In Other Lands. I like YA, especially if I am feeling burned out on other genres.
  • 01/03 14:40:46 Britney: Never read those either. I’m about to embark on the Aasimov books after my current read.
  • 01/03 14:52:10 Andria: Thanks for the recommendations! I'll take a look at these for my next book. I turned back to YA after graduate school, when I got really burned out and had to re-teach myself to read _just for fun_ so I'm enjoying this foray back into new and already-loved YA lit slightly_smiling_face
  • 01/04 09:09:51 Marcela: Here's a pretty cool intersection of development and book clubs, the Dev Empathy Book Club. I'm thinking of checking it out, https://devempathybook.club/
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