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  • 12/06 11:19:49 April: ohai
  • 12/06 15:25:26 Candra: heyy
  • 12/12 09:55:00 April: Is there a Docker container that emulates AWS Beanstalk? So I can test `.ebextensions` locally, for instance.
  • 12/12 09:56:26 April: hmm, maybe I want `eb local`? https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2015...
  • 12/12 09:57:02 April:
    ERROR: NotSupportedError - You can use "eb local" only with preconfigured, generic and multicontainer Docker platforms.
  • 12/12 10:01:31 April: weird. per the walkthrough linked there: `eb init -p "python-3.4-(preconfigured-docker)"` and assuming your Dockerfile uses `FROM amazon/aws-eb-python:3.4.2-onbuild-3.5.1`
  • 12/12 10:07:48 April: but, it … doesn’t actually use my Dockerfile? wtf
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