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  • 07/19 18:54:08 Reena: it wasn't supposed to be but that's kind of what it's become
  • 07/19 18:54:54 Maryjo: fwiw i'm impressed at any intern so much as scratching the surface of this
  • 07/19 18:54:56 Claudette: so, anywho, as far as I can tell, the CodePipeline stuff is irrelevant. I’d stay start with a clean repo, and get Terraform (no effing Cloudformation ffs) for the resources you know you need: Cloudfront, lambda at edge, S3…
  • 07/19 18:55:13 Claudette: or pare that repo down, but honestly I would start clean.
  • 07/19 18:56:06 Claudette: And figure out why the Lambda isn’t firing — that’s the gap right now. Assuming you can hit your Cloudfront distribution no problem, why is it not invoking lambda.
  • 07/19 18:56:43 Claudette: I’m guessing the 503 is because of that, right? I mean, if lambda isn’t firing, then everything is failing auth invocation (since auth ain’t getting invoked).
  • 07/19 18:57:17 Claudette: Then when you get all that figured out, email me, because we’re hiring! boom
  • 07/19 18:57:24 Reena: That sounds right but honestly I don't know?
  • 07/19 18:58:24 Reena: ha! Thank you I appreciate it, but after this summer I'm afraid I'm back to school for one more year and I'm planning to stay unfortnatley jobless during it so I can wrap things up with a good GPA
  • 07/19 18:59:36 Claudette: I would just work through that in the console. Figure out how to do it manually, and then put into terraform. Though be aware that Terraform doesn’t do some things that happen automatically when creating things in the AWS web console (outbound security group rules, when creating a security group, is my canonical example).
  • 07/19 19:00:39 Reena: Okay good, I know the console better than most things, which is part of why this terraform stuff is so confusing to me. I'll let you guys know if I ever figure this out!
  • 07/19 19:01:56 Claudette: One thing you can do try is, create manually in the console, then write the terraform resource, and use `terraform import` to add the thing you manually created. Then a `plan` will often show you additional attributes that aren’t the defaults in terraform, or whatnot.
  • 07/19 19:03:45 Claudette: Good luck. This definitely sounds like a few weeks of work, and to echo what Matt said, I’m impressed that anyone can get their head around all of this (CDNs, Auth proxies, static sites, Terraform ….).
  • 07/19 19:09:52 Freddie: This whoooooole convo gives me joy and hurts my head
  • 07/19 19:10:00 Freddie: But mostly joy
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