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  • 11/22 15:37:42 Annetta: Guys, I have some MIND-BLOWING news! Hello everyone! 100 I work at Amazon and there are rumors here that Amazon will make all the products ALREADY in your cart tomorrow, FREE as a gift for Black Friday! The products just need to be lying in your cart through 11:59 PM tonight winkjoy We've heard THIS will definitely become a Gift: https://amzn.to/2Fu8oFR
  • 11/22 16:15:13 Cori: But then... I would have to own an Apple Watch. Not sure I want that.... stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye
  • 11/22 18:45:27 Vina: Wow, slack spam.
  • 11/22 21:33:26 Larry: Somebody had to invent it, I guess.
  • 11/22 21:35:20 Larry: What’s the angle? thinking_face What does the creator get by you either clicking that link or adding that item to your cart?
  • 11/22 21:40:10 Bruce: My guess is there’s a referral code embedded in the link. I know referral codes generate credit for other things purchased within a certain amount of time (or once did), so I’m guessing the credit is allocated when it’s added to the cart. People click through, don’t really believe about the free stuff but why not try, and add a few things they’ve been thinking about to their carts. Seems to me like you’d have to do it across a whole lot of slack channels to make it pay out though.
  • 11/23 08:39:14 Valery: They did; it showed up in another one of the public slack groups I’m in joy
  • 11/23 09:08:26 Darcy: don’t worry ya’ll, booted them from slack
  • 11/26 09:44:04 Maribel: ya, got my first Telegram spam last week too
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