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  • 09/13 14:20:38 Hollis: Or perhaps, are you using ngAnnotate? https://www.npmjs.com/package/ng-annotations
  • 09/13 14:20:53 Troy: Yep. On constructors, some methods.
  • 09/13 14:20:57 Hollis: thinking_face
  • 09/13 14:22:39 Hollis: But you've narrowed it down the the specific class that's having the issue?
  • 09/13 14:22:51 Hollis: The exact line where things are being injected?
  • 09/13 14:23:56 Troy: Wait a sec. I think maybe... I guess you can't inject a factory into a provider via constructor?
  • 09/13 14:25:18 Troy: So, I'm in the middle of converting this project to typescript from js. So, it seems that I've converted the provider incorrectly.
  • 09/13 14:26:28 Hollis: Yea I can't speak for TypeScript stuff ... But if the problem is unknown provider it should give a name of that it's looking for right?
  • 09/13 14:28:35 Troy: Yep, it is. And the name is the factory that I'm trying to inject into the provider's constructor.
  • 09/13 15:04:43 Troy: Okay, yep. Turns out that was the problem. I must have worked on that file at two separate times with two separate ideas. stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye
  • 09/13 15:04:53 Troy: Now it makes more sense and is working wink.
  • 09/13 15:05:02 Troy: Appreciate the help! @Hollis
  • 09/13 15:05:19 Hollis: np
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