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  • 08/05 13:29:57 Latosha: Finally got Android O on the LG V20!
  • 08/06 16:58:33 Latosha: And Pie is now official.
  • 08/06 16:59:15 Latosha: Android Pie? Just rolls off the tongue
  • 08/06 17:01:32 Christopher: * Not a toolchain for running Android on your Raspberry Pi.
  • 08/06 17:04:02 Delmer: *Not a tasty pastry served with vanilla ice cream, either.
  • 08/13 11:45:58 Terra: Hey friendly Androids, got a n00b question... I'm working on getting a React Native project to the Play Store. I finally got it to build, but had to tweak a bunch of things in my gradle settings to get it to work. One thing in particular was bumping my SDK version as well as the build tools version. I think I ended up at 27. Does this mean the app won't be able to run on older operating systems?
  • 08/13 11:47:15 Mildred: It will run down to whatever you defined in `minSdkVersion` https://medium.com/google-developers/picking-yo...
  • 08/13 11:50:15 Terra: Oh, nice, thanks!
  • 08/13 11:50:49 Jackqueline: Bumping the target version probably should be regression test the full app though. Its pretty dangerous change
  • 08/13 11:51:21 Terra: I think I was just changing the compile version... didn't know there was a difference!
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