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  • 11/28 12:45:24 Elenora: Pretty crazy deal. You can get a pixel 3 and the value of the phone you get a travel gift card for. So if you were planning to travel anyways its a free phone. You do have to get Google Fi though. https://store.google.com/collection/offers If you do sign up use my link https://g.co/fi/r/ACK61K You will also get 20 dollars for my referral link
  • 11/29 20:32:46 Elenora: Any of you guys use the profiler or any other tool to track down anrs. We upgraded the support libraries and having alot of ANR related to it and having issues tracking them down. I basically need to find out what is blocking the UI thread or at least some thread. LMK if you know of an article of how to look into this as I alway am confused at what to look at in the profiler
  • 12/04 13:09:00 Elenora: @Ed was that you that asked the question on variants on flutter live?
  • 12/04 13:14:47 Ed: Probably not
  • 12/04 13:17:39 Elenora: Just said someone from Nebraska. Assumed it was you smiley
  • 12/04 13:17:56 Elenora: Since you guys do alot with variants
  • 12/04 21:45:36 Georgine: Anyone see this coming up: https://devfest.withgoogle.com/events/devfeston...
  • 12/05 08:51:08 Ping: Nice! Florina’s Kotlin / Architecture talk sounds good. I’m sure Chet’s talks will be entertaining as well!
  • 12/09 01:24:08 Sophia: Well shit...I'm kinda not hating Flutter.
  • 12/10 09:24:26 Felecia: @Sophia Tell me more slightly_smiling_face (seriously!)
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