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  • 06/21 09:40:16 Margarete: JIRA’s configured to put it front and center
  • 06/21 11:10:54 Linnea: https://ryanripley.com/afh-090-walking-the-spin...
  • 06/21 11:26:36 Margarete: http://spinemodel.info/explanation/concise.html
  • 06/21 11:26:51 Margarete:
     - In order to know which Tools to use, you need to ask what Practices are important.
     - In order to know which Practices are important, you need to know which Principles apply.
     - In order to know which Principles apply, you need to know what Values you are optimising for.
     - In order to know which Values are important to optimise for, you need to know what Needs the system exists to satisfy.
     - In order to know which Needs are important to satisfy, you need to define the boundaries of the system you talking about.
  • 06/21 16:45:59 Carletta: I'm interested in the Kanban stuff as well. But I don't get how estimation works in that system if you have no way to measure velocity.
  • 06/21 16:46:49 Carletta: We have (internal) clients wanting to know how much is left of the project and client projects in line wanting to know when we will start on their project.
  • 06/21 16:47:55 Carletta: Don't need exact dates on those, but with points/hours/whatever paired with sprints that can get us some semblance of a timeline.
  • 06/21 20:42:06 Margarete: Measuring velocity shouldn’t be too hard, you just point the ticket you’re about to start on just before starting it.
  • 06/21 20:42:17 Margarete: Timelines, however, Kanban’s not too great at.
  • 06/21 20:42:43 Margarete: Not that a Scrum timeline is ever to /really/ be trusted either.
  • 06/22 08:38:47 Carletta: Well we've gotten to the point where all of our tickets are pointed and we can project the number of sprints it will take to do them based on recent velocity, so that seems to be working for timeline.
  • 06/22 08:39:14 Carletta: The issue we're facing is that the ticket size can some times be too large to make the ticket testable by the client.
  • 06/22 08:40:03 Carletta: (Most of our current work is rewriting our code in a different framework, so incremental releases are off the table.
  • 06/22 08:51:03 Margarete: Large ticket size is a problem for every flavor of software development, not just Kanban and Scrum slightly_smiling_face
  • 06/22 09:45:17 Carletta: Ha. True
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