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  • 12/10 10:03:30 Easter: facepalm Newline at the end of my input threw off my counts on day 5.
  • 12/10 10:14:33 Vina: ugh, I hate that
  • 12/10 10:24:02 Vina: Day 10 down. Man, that seemed gnarly but wound up being fairly simple once I found the right frame
  • 12/10 11:43:06 Easter: I’m playing catch up and it’s not going very quickly slightly_smiling_face
  • 12/10 11:45:47 Easter: So, I finished #5, did not use parallelism.
  • 12/10 11:46:12 Easter: Looking at that commit, it seems like sound concurrency. Buffers on channels is usually a code smell, but I see why you did it.
  • 12/10 11:47:02 Easter: I will say, my code does 5-A and B in ~ 0.6 seconds clock time, so I’m not sure where your 5 minutes is coming from.
  • 12/10 11:47:56 Easter: Oh, I see you are recursing. I wonder if you are getting memory bound?
  • 12/10 11:48:52 Easter: Go does some copy on write stuff and probably isn’t collapsing the stack as you recurse down, maybe that’s the issue?
  • 12/10 14:25:36 Dorla: newline killed me on one, might have even been day 1, strongly typed, newline was being added to the array as a 0
  • 12/10 21:54:09 Elenor: Yeah dunno. Executable ran pretty consistently around 60-70MB. Probably recursing or casting to strings too frequently or something.
  • 12/10 21:54:35 Elenor: Not gonna worry too much about it; I was more just wanting to try out channels and goroutines; hadn't done that before!
  • 12/11 10:14:01 Vina: Sigh. Another one where I know there's a smarter answer than just doing the iterative thing, but I don't have time to throw at it
  • 12/11 10:35:47 Dorla: this was shared in my company’s internal channel: https://www.reddit.com/r/adventofcode/comments/...
  • 12/11 10:35:54 Dorla: spoilers for yesterday lol
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