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  • 11/27 10:42:39 Nilda: Personally, I'd retain them on the larger screens too. These days, screen size is so very loosely correlated to capabilities, and I think given mobile browsing habits people are so used to seeing them as links they wouldn't think a thing of it.
  • 11/27 10:43:11 Nilda: But then, I clicked one on my laptop this morning and opened up facetime. I didn't even think about it.
  • 11/27 10:44:09 Nilda: I also think that while it's not an a11y win, there are good opportunities to use an attribute selector to make it clearer that they are tel links and add a phone icon or something.
  • 11/27 10:44:26 Irena: Them not looking like links has nothing to do with them being phone links. It has everything to do with user defined styles. If they cannot be differentiated from surrounding text, they would fail WCAG.
  • 11/27 10:54:09 Tona: This makes no sense to me >In the past, if we didn’t think it made sense to show a phone number link on a non-mobile screen, we’d style it to look like plain text, and then display it as a link for mobile screens.
  • 11/27 10:55:06 Tona: Why would you bother making a phone number not look like a link on desktop? It seems like an arbitrary decision that requires more work than it's worth.
  • 11/27 10:55:36 Nilda: ^ the history of the web is a bunch of arbitrary decisions that required more work than they were worth.
  • 11/27 11:06:02 Lorelei:
  • 12/05 11:34:39 Latesha: I'm torn on whether the randomly-generated profile images on Glitch projects should have alt text - they're purely decorative, unless the project creator uploads their own, but we don't allow them to set alt text on the image they upload anyways. So the alt is always "project avatar for project-name". Is that helpful?
  • 12/05 12:03:33 Lucie: This is 100% my personal conjecture and not experience or expertise, but to me, there isn’t much value there. That said, it might be useful as an affordance to let the user know that this particular profile _does_ have an avatar, but that it’s the default, so as to avoid confusion when some items have them and some don’t.
  • 12/05 12:34:20 Irena: I agree, the avatar alt text isn't super important. Its fine to consider it presentational. But its also fine to let the screen reader user know that there is an avatar there.
  • 12/05 12:38:57 Irena: But it looks like its a button. A button must describe the action that will happen. I could see the current accessible name being a little unclear. Perhaps the "view" image should have alt text? So the button would read as "View the interesting-riddle project (The Glitch Community Site), Button".
  • 12/05 12:40:50 Irena: I put parentheses around the project description, but that isn't necessary. That's more of a symptom that there is probably too much text in the button, but that's an opinion and wouldn't fail WCAG.
  • 12/05 12:58:14 Irena: Alternatively, you could give it a link role, which better communicates the purpose of the action. A button can do many things. A link loads a resource.
  • 12/05 14:13:18 Latesha: Thank you both!
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