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  • 08/21 09:07:28 Kenisha: I have a question, inspired by this site: Should a “skip navigation” link move focus? Seems odd to use it, then have the tab key jump you right back up to the menu anyway.
  • 08/21 09:12:57 Melani: Good question. yes, it should move focus. Here is a good article. https://axesslab.com/skip-links/
  • 08/21 09:14:05 Melani: Google forms are not perfect for a11y, but are pretty good IMO.
  • 08/21 09:15:59 Melani: So what I saw: 1. It’s a .org, but doesn’t appear to be a non-profit and are quick to sell you stuff 2. they offer to certify your site for a year. What happens if you update your code in that time frame? 3. They took WCAG and created their own “WAS” standard. There are huge gaps in their version. Many SC are simply ignored, and extra requirements are added.
  • 08/21 09:35:25 Kenisha: Yeah, I just meant: that doesn’t instill confidence in the reputability of the organization.
  • 08/21 09:36:21 Kenisha: Similar to how the site looks like it was designed by a code bootcamp student as their very first site. It’s not necessarily an accessibility red flag, but it feels like a red flag.
  • 08/21 09:38:48 Melani: In other words, it looks like the site was hastily created?
  • 08/21 09:40:15 Kenisha: Yeah. Or at the very least, created with some shortcuts or an inattention to detail. But in an case: in such a way that doesn’t instill confidence.
  • 08/21 09:44:22 Crystal: This seems like a service that’s intended for a) people who don’t know better b) they kind of people who pay to put useless badges on their site to seem legitimate
  • 08/21 09:45:38 Shawanda: ya, it's better than nothing, maybe slightly_smiling_face
  • 08/21 09:45:45 Shawanda: free and easy to use
  • 08/21 09:45:55 Melani: Exactly. I don’t think I’m willing to say that the site is malicious, but it is at least misguided.
  • 08/21 10:05:57 Crystal: IDK about that, selling services that give the impression of certification/protection from litigation when you yourself are not an expert is shady-af. Looking through their CEO and Founder, Kris Rivenburgh’s profiles, he looks like a straight-up content marketer who’s trying to make money off of whatever’s hot right now. He have little/no relevant experience around web accessibility in his LinkedIn profile, the books he’s written include one on passing the bar exam, bitcoin, and a ADA checklist. This all wreaks of trying to make a buck off of people’s ignorance.
  • 08/21 10:06:52 Melani: Good find. I didn’t look into the CEO.
  • 08/21 10:10:35 Crystal: My beef is that I can totally see a business paying this guy tens of thousands of dollars for Certifications, Manual Audits, Remediation, Training, and Consultation, get the little badge on their site and still be open to litigation from outside parties for their site still not being compliant because of this businesses lack of genuine expertise in the area.
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