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  • 11/21 10:48:08 Manuel: Maybe my new job will have the same problem too.
  • 11/21 10:48:11 Manuel: Dunno yet!
  • 11/21 10:48:21 Teisha: I think nearly everyone has that problem.
  • 11/21 10:49:58 Sherie: If you can get them to even care that much.
  • 11/21 10:52:08 Manuel: Yeah. I should count my blessings, at least they want to run a scanner, and I convinced them to build pa11y into our CI.
  • 11/21 10:55:40 Sherie: Nice.
  • 11/21 10:55:47 Sherie: You done good.
  • 11/21 10:55:57 Teisha: indeed
  • 11/21 10:58:23 Teisha: pa11y is legit. I think it actually uses html_codesniffer for its tests, but that library has some issues. I’ve switched to axe-core and puppeteer, which seem much more solid. But most of the time, pa11y should be sufficient.
  • 11/21 11:03:21 Manuel: and certainly way better than nothing
  • 11/21 11:03:35 Manuel: and 100x better than ad-hoc scanners
  • 11/21 11:03:44 Teisha: agreed
  • 11/21 11:56:21 Teisha: For anyone working with React, this is a great talk on creating accessible react web apps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aW6Gayf2Pao&...
  • 11/21 12:04:10 Sherie: One thing I like about React is that I think it does a lot more to encourage good markup (via JSX, anyway) than other frameworks.
  • 11/21 12:04:20 Sherie: Looking at you, Angular, you A11y shitshow.
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