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  • 06/19 17:13:47 Natacha: Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll ponder those and make adjustments!
  • 06/20 00:22:33 Gladys: Tons of great stuff in here I haven't seen before. Found it through "a11y weekly", a newsletter I just subscribed to which is also included on this list. https://medium.com/swlh/my-favorite-resources-f... More focused on design than implementation (like Michael's list above is)
  • 06/21 10:50:41 Gladys: https://www.threadless.com/discover/s/gretaky/d... WANT
  • 06/21 10:51:59 Gladys: super ironic that the sticker is so low-contrast though. laughing T shirt looks cool though!
  • 06/24 08:04:55 Natacha: I’ll be talking about sustainable accessibility tomorrow https://www.meetup.com/Vogon-Poetry-Reading/eve...
  • 06/24 08:05:57 Natacha: I’m nervous about this and have thrown out my slides about 3 times so far, but I think its finally getting to a good place. Did I mention that public speaking stresses me out?
  • 06/24 08:44:25 Evita: poking my Lincoln friends to attend. good luck - you'll do great!
  • 06/24 09:12:59 Gladys: Yay! I've been meaning to attend a Vogon Poetry Reading for a while now.
  • 06/25 09:16:19 Gladys: Will there be food or should I lunch ahead of time?
  • 06/25 10:04:11 Natacha: There has always been food in the past, so I assume there will be this time too
  • 06/25 11:27:54 Gladys: Refreshing my memory on the differences in `<link>` and `<button>` and why it matters. https://cassey-til.glitch.me/posts/2019-06-25-l...
  • 06/25 13:45:27 Gladys: Yaaaaay @Natacha that was a beautiful and insightful talk. I tweeted the high points of things he discussed, for those who couldn't make it. https://twitter.com/CasseyLottman/status/114356...
  • 06/25 14:10:11 Natacha: I guess they didn’t have food. Sorry @Gladys
  • 06/25 15:01:36 Gladys: ha no worries! Sounds like there was a catering mishap
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