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  • 03/21 11:16:43 Evelia: you can do that to cell phones too
  • 03/21 11:33:06 Launa: I love mine, but I haven’t microwave-erased it yet.
  • 03/21 11:48:58 Evelia: braaaaains zombie https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-programming-a...
  • 03/21 12:27:11 Jessie: My boss' boss reports: i have the newer version that just erases with the damp cloth the erasing is kinda meh, you have to use pilot frixtion pens, which i’m not a huge fan of, and the paper has a very plastic feel to it which i also wasn’t a fan of i’m happy to pass the notebook along to somebody, actually.
  • 03/21 12:42:24 Bonny: I have the wipable one
  • 03/21 12:42:35 Bonny: the issue I have with it is that the pens leave kind of an indent on the paper
  • 03/21 12:42:43 Bonny: makes it only tangentially reusable
  • 03/21 12:43:07 Bonny: it does stay wet for a bit, but not as long as rollerball on moleskine paper (i.e. FOR-E-VER)
  • 03/21 12:46:18 Leonor: I have the Rocketbook Everlast and agree the indentation is annoying.
  • 03/21 12:47:20 Leonor: But I do like the general idea of wet-erase notebooks.
  • 03/21 15:17:42 Corrina: I just published an article about the design of software support systems that, you know, don't suck: https://hackernoon.com/building-helpful-user-ex... If anyone has feedback, I'm game.
  • 03/21 15:21:07 Ashley: I'll give it a read and give some feedback laterr!
  • 03/21 15:21:09 Ashley: later!*
  • *Usernames have been changed to protect the innocent.
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