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  • 10/11 13:50:02 Burton: rimshot
  • 10/11 14:09:47 Alda: wonders if he can get a bunch of right-wing followers by making up a conspiracy called command-q
  • 10/11 14:25:31 Hee: alt-command? Could that be a thing?
  • 10/11 17:40:50 Glinda: telling people driving cars in PUBG to hit E for boost is fun
  • 10/11 19:21:17 Hee: I play mobile, and was a fan of watching Polygon’s Awful Squad. I know F is enter/exit (which is why those license plates are so good), but what does E do?
  • 10/11 20:13:04 Glinda: oh, it is F? joke fail slightly_smiling_face
  • 10/11 20:13:17 Glinda: I have muscle memory for it, I don't type it
  • 10/12 06:41:40 Hee: :+1:
  • 10/16 14:56:23 Stephany: Anyone have any recommendations for ticketing system services?
  • 10/16 15:07:29 Nellie: If you don't have a specific wishlist, Trello is a good starting point. It's easier to dump information into than most of the other alternative tools people reach for, which is a big factor in getting people to use it.
  • 10/16 15:07:59 Nellie: If you like boards but want all the piles of Enterprise features, Kanbanize is fine.
  • 10/16 15:08:27 Nellie: FogBugz gets the job done and isn't bad. I haven't used them since the UI redesign.
  • 10/16 15:08:59 Nellie: For solo/small teams, I like plain-text todo lists in the code repo + Github issues
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