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  • 02/15 12:12:45 John: Hey @Alline I saw you shared that post from whatisjasongoldstein... did you know he's an ex-midwest dev? He worked with me at the Star
  • 02/15 12:14:43 Alline: @John I did not know that!
  • 02/15 12:14:56 Alline: it was a good blog post :+1:
  • 02/15 12:15:04 John: He's a smart guy.
  • 02/15 12:15:34 John: It breaks my heart to see how much great stuff he and I made at the Star that was abandoned when we left.
  • 02/15 12:17:17 John: I'd like to pat myself on the back for recognizing his talent when he was fresh out of college, but he was gonna get recognized with or without me slightly_smiling_face
  • 02/15 13:41:55 Ricky: @John you didn't keep a git repo? slightly_smiling_face me neither. I never do that. For decades.
  • 02/15 14:52:18 Lester: any postgres wizards?
  • 02/15 14:52:34 Ricky: ya! <#C02GJD25F|database>
  • 02/15 14:52:44 Ricky: I also heart PostgREST
  • 02/15 14:54:12 Lester: cool! I moved the discussion to <#C02GJD25F|database>
  • 02/15 15:58:50 John: I have some of the projects, but they're not live anymore, you know?
  • 02/15 16:07:28 Ricky: I'd pay $1000 for my "ASP Classic" source code from ~1996 slightly_smiling_face
  • 02/15 16:07:34 Ricky: I'd LOVE to go through that
  • 02/15 16:07:41 Ricky: and laugh at myself
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