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  • 09/21 08:34:21 Pok: Mad respect.
  • 09/21 08:42:13 Jonathon: That's my take on it. I have on my resumé specifically that I'm not looking to relocate, so the fact that I continually get emails about jobs in other states is annoying. Like... just maybe put in a LITTLE effort.
  • 09/21 08:46:42 Leland: Maybe they are okay with remote-work?
  • 09/21 08:48:33 Leland: Big news! I did a thing and got a job that will (hopefully) allow me to follow my passion! yay for me! (is it a thing to announce job changes that you are excited about, or do folks usually keep that to themselves here?)
  • 09/21 08:49:10 Twana: Yay!
  • 09/21 08:50:29 Darcie: I vote you should announce it. We want to be excited with you.
  • 09/21 08:52:38 Iliana: Congrats, @Leland!! Is it safe to assume it has a higher focus on a11y??
  • 09/21 08:52:43 Ashton: Congratulations @Leland!
  • 09/21 08:56:52 Leland: Indeed @Iliana - I’ll be an Accessibility Consultant at https://www.deque.com/ - and I’ll be working remotely from Lincoln. In my opinion, Deque is one of the two best accessibility focused consultant and development firms in the world. I actually managed to get offers from both of the two leading companies in the industry. I’m having a flair up of imposter syndrome, but I’m so excited!
  • 09/21 08:57:44 Iliana: that's awesome!! super-happy you get to be in your domain. You're definitely no imposter. You're my go-to a11y person. trophy
  • 09/21 08:58:34 Jonathon: What is a11y?
  • 09/21 08:59:08 Iliana: if I could spell it, I wouldnt use a11y! Accessibility. stuck_out_tongue
  • 09/21 08:59:13 Jonathon: I just Googled it. When I tried to Google it before, I didn't have the "a" at the beginning, so my results were bad.
  • 09/21 08:59:35 Jonathon: Interesting.
  • 09/21 09:17:10 Moriah: @Leland I remember seeing your a11y talk at Nebraska.Code() a few years back! Congratulations! slightly_smiling_face
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