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  • 04/19 15:03:03 Lisandra: That's the plan, just to learn as much as I humanly can while I'm in school
  • 04/19 15:03:07 Chelsey: It might be harder to walk into a big corporation and get a job with little experience, but smaller companies and especially if you can network, a lot of places are willing to train as long as you’re honest about where you’re at.
  • 04/19 15:03:30 Monserrate: yeah.. one of my big issues was that I _required_ remote.... which severely narrowed the playing field
  • 04/19 15:03:39 Chelsey: Yeah that does make things harder
  • 04/19 15:05:02 Adaline: Smaller companies also mean you have greater scope, therefore have to (get to) learn more, more quickly.
  • 04/19 15:05:45 Lisandra: I don't mind getting to (having to) learn quickly, just need to get to that point first I suppose
  • 04/19 16:04:27 Laure: I would *much* much rather do some hours of work that is representative of the kind of thing the employer needs done than go through a traditional quiz interview
  • 04/19 16:05:04 Adaline: Why not neither!
  • 04/19 16:05:06 Adaline: slightly_smiling_face
  • 04/19 16:06:11 Laure: Because you may not have the reliable network to hire everyone you need, and firing incompetent people is difficult for a lot of folks
  • 04/19 16:08:34 Laure: @Laure uploaded a file: Private image uploaded, members only. Sorry. and commented: Unrelated, I was intrigued to see Omaha remote working hotspot Aromas/Hardy's advertising programming training
  • 04/19 17:51:46 Monserrate: .. I keep thinking about and changing my mind about the hiring process discussion. I volunteer a fair amount of time to a "learn web dev" project and I interact daily with both people that in my mind deserve to find their first webdev jobs and people that will likely just NOT cut it for various reasons (obviously that's just my opinion.. which is probably not fair to those people ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). In my mind _some_ sort of low-pressure (i.e. homework) coding assignment would be a great way to determine if someone has any amount of competency... but reading through the opposite argument I can totally see that side of it too. Especially when the assignments are huge apps and weeks of work rather than a 1-2 hour thing.
  • 04/19 17:52:04 Monserrate: so lets just say I'm glad I'm not a hiring manager or something like that
  • 04/19 17:53:03 Monserrate: ..forgot to make the point that at first glance both categories of devs "look" very similar if you're just checking their portfolio sites and GH repos.
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