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  • 08/20 15:54:02 Neomi: er, yubikey I guess
  • 08/20 15:54:16 Neomi: Image File [click to view]
  • 08/20 15:54:24 Pearl: ah, right, github yubikey is chrome-only. I have a yubikey but don't run chrome
  • 08/20 15:54:55 Pearl: pre-u2F it was just a text box and when you tap the yubi it types a string of characters for you
  • 08/20 15:55:46 Pearl: github is lying, by the way. Firefox supports it just fine
  • 08/20 15:56:15 Neomi: My phone doesn’t have a USB-A port, is the problem (and I don’t have an adapter)
  • 08/20 15:57:40 Contessa: should buy one of those as a backup
  • 08/20 15:57:49 Contessa: losing phone/not having reception makes logging in to things dicey
  • 08/20 16:03:48 Ashli: I saw they have one compatible with the iPhone, but I assume each app would have to support it specifically.
  • 08/20 16:40:11 Kirsten: 2fa all the things; this was a direct push to rubygems
  • 08/20 16:44:32 Annika: A coworker who is a Yubikey user mentioned that yes, it requires specific app-by-app integration.
  • 08/20 20:53:14 Contessa: if you read the github thing it was a compromise of his github account
  • 08/20 21:07:49 Kirsten: where did you see that? The person who's account was responsible blamed their rubygems account both in that thread and https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=20747283
  • 08/20 21:08:49 Contessa: apparently I cant read
  • 08/20 21:09:50 Kirsten: all good; there was a lot of off-chatter about github security in there that'd make it easy to think that
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