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  • 06/25 16:24:37 Faye: And some of our devs work on our rails app using Docker Compose (where we see the biggest performance issue on Mac, but not with on linux or windows)
  • 06/25 16:24:49 Meg: I suspect it's about enterprise customers wanting vendors for those awful lock-down-your-employee-machines products
  • 06/25 16:25:51 Meg: and maybe automated backups, security patch SLAs, etc
  • 06/25 16:25:56 Faye: Yeah, I'm not sure. There seems to be a trend away from that outside of certain established enterprises. Largely because I can't get things done as a dev or admin these days if I have to wait for approval from an IT dept that knows less about my computer than I do
  • 06/25 16:28:32 Faye: I know someone that's about to leave an "Enterprise" for another job because he's been there for almost 2 months and still can't do his job because he's not allowed access to even use homebrew on his mac and tooling was not pre-installed
  • 06/25 17:01:26 Jesus: I know an Oracle DBA that was perfectly happy drawing a salary for 6 months doing absolutely nothing because we had zero Oracle databases.
  • 06/25 17:20:47 Maude: lolwut
  • 06/25 18:35:59 Rashad: Windows is such trash.
  • 06/25 18:36:08 Rashad: Though it’s not like any of the OS’s are great.
  • 06/25 18:37:37 Rashad: In Windows 10, I like to have the taskbar hiding and two rows tall. But the taskbar routinely decides to reset itself to _one_ row tall, despite being “locked”. So then I have to unlock it, drag the transparent border to resize it, and lock it again. One might reasonably ask, why bother locking it, in that case?
  • 06/25 18:39:03 Rashad: also, I’m really glad to live in a world where a new terminal is (a) exciting at all and (b) because the highlight of the release is… tabs? wtf. /sarcasm <#C04JD2N6U|sturm_und_drang>
  • 06/25 19:23:37 Jesus: @Maude yup. The Director of IT at the time asked my boss at the time what the new hire's problem was, and my boss and I looked at each other and asked the Director: ... who hired an Oracle DBA? We don't have any Oracle databases. Which was news to the Director. #awkward
  • 06/25 19:26:48 Jesus: For me Windows is for launching Steam games. (99% of the time.) Every time Windows interacts with me its a Microsoft fail. It has 1 job.
  • 06/25 19:32:27 Rashad: yup. Doesn’t help that Steam Inhome streaming is also a pile of trash.
  • 06/25 19:47:30 Domitila: LMFTFY ~Steam~ ALL Inhome streaming is also a pile of trash.
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