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  • 02/22 11:49:40 Tajuana: That is a good one!
  • 02/22 11:49:53 Lacresha: whew I would love to say that to tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum
  • 02/22 12:41:58 Aldo: merp, someone just pointed out to me "fuckstick" could refer to a dick. hahahahah my brain didn't even go there, I was thinking actual stick, like off a tree
  • 02/22 12:45:39 Lacresha: hey @Aldo
  • 02/22 12:45:42 Lacresha: whats brown and sticky
  • 02/22 12:45:48 Lacresha: A STICK! awesome
  • 02/22 12:46:06 Lacresha: can’t believe your mind went there. you were gonna say poop I know it
  • 02/22 12:46:31 Aldo: loolololol
  • 02/22 12:47:04 Lacresha: that is, legitimately, my wife’s favorite joke
  • 02/23 07:04:21 Shawn: Happy Friday, MWDC!
  • 02/23 07:17:33 Tajuana: yaye
  • 02/23 08:34:14 Lacresha: totes came to say that. heart happy friday all.
  • 02/23 08:37:46 Lacresha: additionally, if I said anything that bothered anyone yesterday… well, for whatever it’s worth my apologies. I was so frustrated. am so frustrated. but I should not let it get to me so, or take some things so personally. it is difficult to meter those expectations in an age where people enjoy blatantly being offensive. trying not to get into it again. thanks for support; it is the thing I value the most from this community. heart
  • 02/23 09:18:45 Lacresha: joy jfkfc
  • 02/23 10:16:01 Tilda: come, dear child, be maxim frustrated in <#C04JD2N6U|sturm_und_drang> lightning welcoming new recruits daily
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