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  • 06/20 17:56:57 Jessi: average 4-5 employees per project, about 15 projects, some resource shared across projects.
  • 06/20 17:58:03 Rhett: So you need people tracking as much or more than project tracking
  • 06/20 17:59:33 Jessi: Yes
  • 06/20 18:00:08 Jessi: Preferably easily because we, and well everyone, hates time tracking even when it's necessary. Blah.
  • 06/21 07:31:54 Rhett: IMO, Jira doesn't really help with tracking who's working on what and when. I"m just not sure what _does_ do that well.
  • 06/21 07:33:42 Larita: Yeah really just need a kanban board I would think
  • 06/21 07:33:57 Larita: Probably have to do manual intervention to keep track of it all
  • 06/21 10:01:22 Mui: we use JIRA kanban boards to ostensibly know who's working on what
  • 06/21 12:18:54 Sharen: How good is your org at dividing up tasks and estimating effort?
  • 06/21 13:53:38 Mui: (1) good (2) terrible, afaict
  • 06/21 13:53:58 Jessi: @Sharen we have a pretty good process for that, both with client and within team work estimates/task division
  • 06/21 13:55:23 Jessi: but we are using Excel more than ideal
  • 06/21 14:11:27 Jessi: We use Harvest to track time, and our own Timecop creation to help devs with the pesky task of time tracking. (and I'm just realizing Matt wasn't asking me but deafferret that q... lol sorry!)
  • 06/21 14:16:04 Mui: I don't know who he was asking. slightly_smiling_face
  • 06/21 20:02:42 Clemmie: clapclapclap https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-06...
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