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  • 11/16 09:58:46 Ellan: Anything else would blue screen or error in some other way, rather than just shut off.
  • 11/16 09:58:52 Colene: That's most likely, but this time of year, I wouldn't rule out poltergeists or wood sprites either
  • 11/16 09:59:03 Ellan: fair
  • 11/16 09:59:13 Salome: Ahh you're right
  • 11/16 09:59:29 Salome: It's probably just a ghost
  • 11/16 09:59:39 Salome: Where's Bill Murray when you need him.. Anyone have his cell?
  • 11/16 09:59:55 Salome: But no, that's what I was thinking, Kevin, thanks for verifying my insanity haha
  • 11/16 10:00:39 Colene: Bill Murray is overkill imo. I usually pour an unbroken ring of salt around the server and then power-cycle it
  • 11/16 10:05:46 Neta: does it power off if you let it sit idle?
  • 11/16 10:06:53 Neta: (i.e. in the times when it's been running, and then you restart it and 5 minutes later it goes down again)
  • 11/16 10:12:23 Nicky: I mean there is this thing called the cloud where you don't have to worry about this
  • 11/16 10:24:37 Salome: I haven't actually let it sit idle, as it's generally when I've been running to a meeting or something. If it happens again today, I'll let it sit idle after I restart and see what occurs.
  • 11/16 10:25:07 Salome: Fine... Ernie Hudson? @Colene
  • 11/16 10:25:21 Colene: haha
  • 11/16 11:05:23 Beverly: perhaps setup one of those cpu temp monitors? they frequently have a thermal shutdown setup
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