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  • 09/21 14:01:01 Cornelius: but it is long form interview
  • 09/21 14:01:21 Cornelius: You Made it Weird -- long form interview that often touches god / politics
  • 09/21 14:05:32 Britt: It's monologue instead of dialogue, but Dan Carlin's Common Sense is solid. A sensible podcaster who can usually talk about politics without annoying me http://www.dancarlin.com/common-sense-home-land...
  • 09/21 14:18:21 Wava: Ooh, thanks for the list!
  • 09/21 14:18:48 Wava: And love common sense, though Trump seems to have broken Dan so bad that he doesn’t seem to know what to do with it any more
  • 09/21 14:20:13 Wava: maybe it’ll give him time to do more than 2 history shows a year…
  • 09/21 14:20:48 Wava: (http://www.dancarlin.com/hardcore-history-series/ for those unaware)
  • 09/21 14:38:23 Sang: The Hardcore History episode title the Destoryer of Worlds is a fascinating look at the history of nuclear weapons. I think it’s about 6 hours long, but it’s well worth a listen.
  • 09/21 18:21:28 Carson: anyone have the new Xcode 9 just quit unexpectedly on them?
  • 09/21 19:08:32 Cornelius: I thought fat IDEs did that at least daily and that was just normal
  • 09/22 07:57:25 Celestine:
  • 09/22 09:37:06 Samuel: /gif friday cat
  • 09/22 10:57:06 Williams: Image File [click to view]
  • 09/22 11:18:55 Lawanda: this is maybe more specific, but I've enjoyed http://www.dylanmarron.com/podcast/
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