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  • 12/16 12:05:10 Lolita: has joined the channel

  • 12/16 14:04:42 Russell: anyone have experience creating forms to filter posts with custom fields? any good resources anyone can recommend?

  • 12/24 23:19:06 Lesley: has joined the channel

  • 01/10 17:26:48 Manuela: anyone here ever had to reset all user capabilities (preferably without a plugin)?

  • 01/10 17:46:28 Jennings: oh, oh, I was looking into this a couple days ago

  • 01/10 17:51:14 Jennings: Get all the capabilites for a role: https://isabelcastillo.com/list-capabilities-current-user-wordpress
    Then a foreach loop and remove_cap: https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/remove_cap

  • 01/10 20:27:23 Manuela: thanks @Jennings! unfortunately whatever I did when I was messing with admin capabilities caused WP to hide the pages tab for some admin users, and hide the ACF settings tab for other admin users. it’s super weird and from what I can tell the admin $caps check out. i was hoping there was some kind of “put everything back to the way it should be” type of thing I could throw into the theme

  • 01/11 09:54:46 Jennings: Ohhh, I thought you meant reset as in remove them all so you can set whatever you want custom. cold_sweat

  • 01/11 09:57:08 Jennings: @Manuela This looks like it could work even though it has no upvotes? http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/a/230659

  • 01/11 10:10:34 Manuela: oooooh, that might be exactly what i need. thanks!! going to give it a try

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