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  • 04/03 12:55:34 Meghan: Do all carousel /photo slider plugins load from the WP media gallery, or is it possible that one exists that loads from a pre-existing directory?

  • 04/03 13:22:16 Carlo: One _could_ exist that uses a pre-existing directory, but I don’t know of any off the top of my head… I think WordPress mostly wants you to manage your content-related images in the media library. Why, what are you trying to do?

  • 04/03 13:22:48 Carlo: ^ @Meghan

  • 04/03 13:27:28 Meghan: I saw https://wordpress.org/plugins/folder-slider/

  • 04/03 13:28:42 Meghan: Well we have a (separate non wordpress) website where people upload items for sale. We have a script that will grab those images and put them in a folder. What we want now is to display just one user’s photos in a slider on their own website (and stay updated with their latest stock).

  • 04/03 13:44:14 Diamond: if the user's images are being stored by username, then you can just do something like `[folderslider folder="path/to/images/<?= $username ?>"]` ..I think. ..but if all the images are in one folder without a way to associate them to the user, you're gonna have prollems.

  • 04/03 13:45:02 Meghan: No they would only be his images in the folder, so that shouldn’t be a problem. The script only pulls what we ask.

  • 04/03 13:45:10 Meghan: Maybe I’ll give that one a try then.

  • 04/21 10:53:37 Domenica: has left the channel

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