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  • 03/12 23:30:09 Rocio: has joined the channel

  • 03/15 11:45:11 Claud: anyone ever used a testing framework in the context of a wordpress site? i’m trying to setup some simple front end tests to check things like page titles, headlines, links, that sort of thing. i’m already using gulp on this project, so i figure there has to be some node packages i could use, but i’m not really sure where to start

  • 03/15 11:46:24 Leopoldo: I haven’t used one in the context of a wordpress site, but we very recently started using Jasmine tests for our javascript at flywheel

  • 03/15 11:46:59 Leopoldo: by very recently i mean like, we have 3 tests so far

  • 03/15 11:48:55 Claud: i’ve looked at things like jasmine or junit for testing JS, and PHPunit for testing functions within the theme, but i’d like to be able to do some UI testing

  • 03/15 11:49:21 Claud: maybe i’m going about it the wrong way. idk. still new to this whole testing thing

  • 03/15 11:52:39 Leopoldo: thinking_face hmmm

  • 03/15 11:52:58 Leopoldo: yeah im pretty new to this too, i haven’t looked into UI testing yet

  • 03/15 12:16:39 Claud: I may have found something https://deliciousbrains.com/codeception-automate-wordpress-plugin-testing/. Looks like codeception could be the ticket

  • 03/21 11:46:52 Gloria: has joined the channel

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