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  • 02/08 19:41:55 Abigail: has joined the channel

  • 02/08 19:43:04 Abigail: Heartland Pride is in desperate need of help with their wordpress site -- if anyone can spare volunteer time to help them and potentially teach them how to maintain themselves they would be most thankful. Please email

  • 02/09 10:44:15 Judah: @Abigail oh my god, I want to help, but do I really have time to load another side project on myself? sweat_smile

  • 02/09 10:45:05 Abigail: haha that's up to you -- you could always reach out to find out what the project entails. However I know you are busy bee!

  • 02/09 10:45:35 Abigail: Could have them come to sideprojects club

  • 02/09 11:18:10 Abigail: @Judah looks like they will be taken care of. I reached out to the wordpress meetup organizer and he's going to ensure they have support. slightly_smiling_face

  • 02/13 15:33:14 Mariela: has joined the channel

  • 02/23 19:06:40 Stone: has joined the channel

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