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  • 06/12 12:14:52 Shirlee: has joined the channel

  • 06/14 15:06:26 Wanita: has joined the channel

  • 06/16 14:36:03 Lessie: https://github.com/steveshogren/10-minute-vim-exercises thinking_face

  • 06/16 16:47:04 Nola: Interesting, is the book that goes with it any good?

  • 06/17 11:45:40 Lessie: Not sure. I just saw this and thought people might be interested!

  • 06/19 10:07:39 Milford: Too bad we don’t live in Cambridge: https://www.yelp.com/biz/vim-fitness-cambridge-4

  • 06/19 10:09:33 Demetrius: It would be a great place, but nobody can figure out how to leave.

  • 06/19 10:12:14 Matha: .. alright now don’t panic, just find the door marked “:”. it should be over to your right somewhere. you might have to shift your vantage point somewhat, but I assure you it’s there

  • 06/19 10:12:56 Matha: now from that door, take a hard left and WAAAAAYYYYYY up in the other corner of the room you will see an outpost with a sign marked “q”

  • 06/19 10:13:21 Matha: I can assure you this is not some interdimensional chaos-wreaking child-like entity that lives here

  • 06/19 10:13:34 Matha: but it may in fact be your only way out

  • 06/19 10:14:02 Matha: *cue thought provoking horror music*

  • *Usernames have been changed to protect the innocent.

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