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  • 08/04 15:02:34 Roselia: I wouldn’t use Nano for much either.

  • 08/04 15:03:19 Andra: all 5 of the former at least have ... depth. you can hone your skills with them, develop tricks/techniques for improving your life

  • 08/04 15:03:27 Andra: nano is basically notepad on a terminal confused

  • 08/04 15:05:30 Andra: when I worked on VHDL, I knew several people that did all their software writing in _wordpad_ .. i mean .. wtf, have at least some pride in learning some tools

  • 08/04 16:55:14 Ariel: The phrase near the end "all the processing power and memory" seemed like unnecessary hyperbole

  • 08/04 16:56:55 Ariel: I tend to agree about editor bloat but there should at least be some consideration of features like autocomplete and the quality thereof

  • 08/04 16:58:05 Ariel: Refactoring tools, build/test integration and speed, ease of setup, etc etc

  • 08/04 17:13:56 Roselia: We have two people using VS Code on our team and they seem to like it quite a bit. I've also heard several interviews where someone switched over to VS Code from Atom and were pleasantly surprised by how much more performant it was.

  • 08/04 17:16:11 Roselia: I did like the author's "eh, it's pretty good" tone when talking about Vim. I much prefer that to the near-religious reverence some people seem to have for it.

  • 08/04 17:30:34 Roselia: Why I use Jetbrains at work awesome

  • 08/04 18:31:17 Taina: Is this a subtweet?

  • 08/04 20:32:07 Toby: SOME people

  • 08/05 07:18:18 Roselia: stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye emphasis yours, @Toby

  • 08/05 07:18:23 Roselia: Hi @Taina kissing_heart. I meant it more broadly, for example when Gary Berhardt (a die-hard vim user who's work I admire) once said in a podcast discussion on Emacs and Vim that he'd used "both of the 'One True Editor'". wink

  • 08/05 07:31:24 Roselia: ...with Vim keybindings, I should add.

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