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  • 08/17 10:42:39 Wanita: ffs ... can I just replay a video of me nodding and saying things from the previous 10 times we've had this exact meeting?

  • 08/17 10:43:15 Wanita: It blows my mind that companies this big and organizationally ineffective stay in business / are common

  • 08/17 10:44:32 Wanita: (1) division of labor (2) chain of command
    If you don't have those, whatever you call them, you're floundering
    movement != progress

  • 08/17 13:45:07 Dierdre: uploaded a file: Private image uploaded, members only. Sorry.

  • 08/17 13:45:53 Melony: lol

  • 08/17 13:46:08 Melony: that moment when you realize your commit messages getting aggressive

  • 08/17 13:46:34 Melony: "reverting because SOMEONE (insert build tool) sucks"

  • 08/17 13:58:25 Wanita: `s/passive //` slightly_smiling_face

  • 08/17 15:25:26 Olive:

    > [1, 2, NaN].indexOf(NaN)

  • 08/17 15:25:55 Wanita: is that ?

  • 08/17 15:26:16 Olive: why, yes

  • 08/17 15:27:58 Dierdre: `NaN` has always been the equality-check black sheep of ECMAScript

  • 08/17 15:53:38 Kenny: actually the one that doesn’t make sense to me is the first example

  • 08/17 15:53:59 Kenny: `includes` must be doing something clever regarding `isNaN`

  • 08/17 15:57:21 Olive: it sure does:
    >Repeat, while k < len
    >Let elementK be the result of ? Get(O, ! ToString(k)).
    >If SameValueZero(searchElement, elementK) is true, return true.
    >Increase k by 1.
    >>>The internal comparison abstract operation SameValueZero(x, y), where x and y are ECMAScript language values, produces true or false. Such a comparison is performed as follows:

    If Type(x) is different from Type(y), return false.
    If Type(x) is Number, then
    If x is NaN and y is NaN, return true.
    If x is +0 and y is -0, return true.
    If x is -0 and y is +0, return true.
    If x is the same Number value as y, return true.
    Return false.
    Return SameValueNonNumber(x, y).

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