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  • 06/25 08:20:34 Merrie: and a bonus third answer: it was made by Facebook

  • 06/26 09:28:08 Emil: As a guy that has literally only developed in Angular (I'm obviously a newbie) do you think React is "better" than Angular? I'm currently looking at a job change (much like @Deeanna I'm looking for something remote), but I have 0 React experience. While I consider myself a bit of an Angular guru (pre v2), I know that accounts for diddly squat in the React world. I feel like I'm quickly becoming obsolete, and being stranded on Node v0.12 at my current position is not helping.

  • 06/26 09:29:26 Deeanna: heh. knowing the ins and outs of JS will get you farther than any of that nonsense. question probably more appropriate for

  • 06/26 09:29:54 Emil: True. I just saw the "current" conversation and thought I'd ask. smile

  • 06/26 09:31:03 Deeanna: right. but this is

  • 06/26 09:31:05 Deeanna: YMMV

  • 06/26 09:31:12 Emil: That's fair. slightly_smiling_face

  • 06/26 09:53:54 Consuela: @Emil As someone who went from AngularJS to React to Angular 2 now 4. I'm struggling to use 3rd party libs with Angular. Also building Angular without the CLI is not a fun time, but you need to in order to create your own component libs. I did not have this much trouble with React + webpack.

  • 06/26 10:02:58 Myung: w o w I missed a LOT of last week! DC was fun :flag-us: . I should take more vacations so y'all can vent more

  • 06/26 10:04:10 Myung: Don't stay bottled up just cause I'm online heart

  • 06/26 10:05:09 Myung: Image File [click to view]

  • 06/26 10:34:49 Emil: Hahaha so true

  • 06/26 12:17:09 Merrie: @Emil yeah, I think I'd probably call it "better" just for being non-monolithic. Opinions could differ there though

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