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  • 04/28 11:09:27 Connor: So people have checklists for code review, which apparently you need to start doing slightly_smiling_face

  • 04/28 11:10:02 Madison: Yeah…that is a good point

  • 04/28 11:10:39 Madison: The hardest part is spending the time documenting everything, for the most part all of the info is stuck up in my brain for most of our config management while other SME info is stuck in someone elses head

  • 04/28 11:10:46 Connor: "slow is smooth and smooth is fast" <-- slow down, fix the fundamentals, everything speeds up

  • 04/28 11:11:26 Madison: Hahaha

  • 04/28 11:11:32 Madison: I’ve been saying that for a year

  • 04/28 11:11:48 Connor: sound like you and @Shanny's wife need to form a start-up slightly_smiling_face

  • 04/28 11:11:52 Shanny: has joined the channel

  • 04/28 11:12:14 Shanny: lol

  • 04/28 11:13:58 Madison: Hahaha

  • 04/28 11:14:26 Madison: Trying to explain the benefits of doing things slow and right at first to be able to speed up doesnt go over well when you are lowering profit in the beginning to gain on the backend

  • 04/28 11:18:30 Madison: This is a great channel

  • 04/28 11:18:34 Madison: Love to be able to rant

  • 04/28 12:45:49 Connor: #therapy

  • 04/28 12:46:17 Connor: ya, this channel exists so my boss doesn't have to be exposed to this channel in my work Slack slightly_smiling_face

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