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  • 03/08 11:34:54 Deanna: yeah, 70% off! Ruby methods are getting more expensive all the time, so I appreciate the discount

  • 03/08 14:01:52 Raymond: Side note: enumerable methods will usually return an enumerable automatically if you don't pass a block

    bytes.each_with_index.map do |value, index|
    is equivalent to
    bytes.enum_for(:each_with_index).map do |value, index|

  • 03/08 14:02:38 Raymond: you can add an index to any enumerable this way

    bytes.each.with_index.map do |value, index|

  • 03/12 11:51:43 Kyra: I’m putting the finishing touches on a Code Climate engine for haml_lint. f you know of any OSS projects that use Haml, please let me know! Or, if you have the opportunity to run it on a closed-source project, please let me know the results. The engine is at: https://github.com/michaelherold/codeclimate-haml_lint

    Thanks in advance. heart

  • 03/14 14:45:22 Raymond: pending tests are the best todo list

  • 03/15 11:00:28 Agnes: Has anyone used ruboto or similar to develop android apps using ruby?

  • 03/15 23:26:29 Valentin: has joined the channel

  • 03/23 11:40:05 Amir: Ruby 2.4.1 has been released: https://www.ruby-lang.org/en/news/2017/03/22/ruby-2-4-1-released/

  • 03/23 11:40:46 Amir: Includes a new regex "absent" operator: https://medium.com/rubyinside/the-new-absent-operator-in-ruby-s-regular-expressions-7c3ef6cd0b99#.eiswe48bc

  • 03/23 11:43:54 Amir: The rest is mostly bug fixes.

  • 03/23 11:46:05 Raymond: Last time I tried 2.4, the Fixnum/Bigdecimal merge was still causing grief. Is that getting better?

  • 03/23 11:46:31 Amir: yeah, rails 5.0.2 helps with that a lot

  • 03/23 11:47:38 Amir: was able to eliminate all warnings in ruby 2.4.0 for one of our larger apps using rails 5.0.2 and some other minor gem bumps

  • 03/23 12:23:45 Deanna: oh boy! I'm going to update some apps right now so that I can stop seeing that annoying warning

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