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  • 02/24 05:26:52 Ron: Encrypted Secrets looks cool… though of course they announce it after I’ve moved all my projects to `dotenv`

  • 02/24 07:07:20 Olaf: mmhmm

  • 02/24 07:07:47 Olaf: I've got all secrets in ansible vaults now that convert to .env files

  • 02/24 08:30:53 Jarvis: dotenv is one of those things that claims to only be for development, so they probably wanted to create a "true" production solution.

  • 02/24 12:55:06 Ellis: Should probably wait on the encrypted secrets until they sort out the cipher security https://github.com/rails/rails/issues/28135

  • 02/24 13:22:44 Lawson: dotenv is only for development in that you shouldn’t use it in production — but you can still load your environment variables into production and Rails in the same way (usually `secrets.yml` or `config.yml`)

  • 02/24 13:23:39 Ellis: dotenv works great in production, there's no real benefit to rolling your own solution

  • 02/24 13:27:28 Lawson: Do you access your environment variables using the ENV constant? I always load them into the Rails config (in a Rails app, obvious) instead of using the constant

  • 02/24 13:27:43 Lawson: (And yes, I’ve never had a problem running it in production, but they say you “shouldn’t”)

  • 02/24 13:28:35 Ellis: rails configuration is unwieldy for anything that isn't rails related... I'd rather type `ENV` than `Rails.application.config.x.foo`

  • 02/24 13:28:57 Lawson: That’s fair

  • 02/24 13:30:05 Ellis: plus it's frequently the case that you'd want to use these settings at lower levels of abstraction than Rails

  • 02/24 13:30:45 Ellis: having a single file that you can see in Ruby or sourced into a bash script is awesome

  • 02/24 13:34:17 Lawson: That’s true. I so frequently encounter other people who are writing something that isn’t Rails that I just assume it’s in the stack.

  • 02/24 14:09:07 Olaf: I love dotenv. Really don't see a need to change.

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