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  • 12/27 12:58:15 Koby: I’m still not sold on `redux-logic` and `redux-observable`, but that’s now more off a cost/benefit concern rather than “it uses observables”

  • 12/27 12:58:40 Velva: Here's another wacky way to think about observables, if they were built into the language instead of being a data structure you had to bring yourself http://paulstovell.com/blog/reactive-programming

  • 12/27 13:00:08 Koby: Well thanks, I appreciate it.. this helps a lot. Have some homework to do.

  • 01/16 19:17:10 Demarco: has joined the channel

  • 01/19 07:21:24 Clemens: has joined the channel

  • 01/19 07:22:50 Clemens: Hi! Where would you point a n00b to learn React? Bonus points for an online course with a code-along type structure. Thanks!

  • 01/19 07:22:50 Tessie: koala

  • 01/19 07:23:50 Horacio: https://online.reacttraining.com/p/reactjsfundamentals/

  • 01/19 10:01:27 Curt: as you get deeper into learning and want to start diving into building things, i highly recommend using react-storybook: https://github.com/storybooks/react-storybook

  • 01/19 10:02:04 Curt: it lets you build react components and see various states of a component while it is isolated from an app

  • 01/19 10:02:46 Curt: so you can focus on understanding components by themselves without also having to learn all of the build tooling and how to wire things into a real app all at the same time

  • 01/19 10:03:40 Curt: i recommend keeping that isolated demo around as an app matures, but it can also be very helpful during the learning process

  • 01/19 11:02:31 Clemens: @Horacio @Curt Thanks much!

  • 01/19 13:04:28 Velva: https://medium.com/bumpers/isnt-our-code-just-the-best-f028a78f33a9#.b8guc8cc4

  • 01/19 13:05:25 Vaughn: heart fat tech posts

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