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  • 04/14 15:45:56 Isac: has joined the channel

  • 04/19 14:19:05 Karine: has joined the channel

  • 04/21 12:50:37 Isac: what do you, the channel, use for styling components? Post CSS? Something else pre-compiled (SASS/LESS)? Some in-component solution (Aphrodite, Radium, Styled-Components, etc..)?

  • 04/21 12:54:52 Emelia: i've gone the sass/css modules route on a previous project and it became really complex for our npm packages that were published and then consumed by applications

  • 04/21 12:55:24 Emelia: i'm sold on the js-in-css path at this point, but there are still so many choices of how to approach it

  • 04/21 12:56:22 Emelia: i'm at the point that i need to make the decision on a new project, and am strongly leaning toward https://github.com/paypal/glamorous

  • 04/21 12:56:42 Isac: Interesting ... I've never heard of that one ... I'll have to check it out

  • 04/21 12:57:45 Emelia: please share your thoughts if you try it out. any additional info before i make my decision would certainly be helpful

  • 04/21 13:00:20 Isac: will do - but you might end up beating me to it .. I'm not at a point to implement anything just yet. I'm just trying to keep in the know about the options and have something ready to go whenever we do make the switch.

  • 04/21 13:00:39 Isac: more likely is that I try it out on a side project first

  • 04/21 13:03:02 Emelia: totally fair. good luck

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