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  • 12/24 16:39:19 Vickie: https://twitter.com/tomscott/status/812268998742118400

  • 01/06 15:33:26 Vickie: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/ultrasound-tracking-could-be-used-to-deanonymize-tor-users/

  • 01/06 16:49:28 Lyric: Image File [click to view]

  • 01/09 08:41:29 Vicenta: that's so awesome, in like, a not great way but also super amazing

  • 01/09 08:42:32 Lenora: That's fascinating

  • 01/09 08:42:51 Lenora: cyberpunk future here we come

  • 01/09 10:13:26 Cleve: Dang, that’s a really nefarious use-case/attack. disappointed I had read about super-sonic signals for a while, even as a method for cross-device-matching. (https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/audio-video/video/cross-device-tracking-part-1) But identifying Tor users on hidden services? Damn.

  • 01/11 14:52:48 Lyric: Anyone know anything about passbolt? https://www.passbolt.com/faq

  • 01/11 14:53:09 Lyric: Considering a move back to Linux someday and I’ll pine for 1password. And Keypass is.... icky.

  • 01/11 16:24:50 Helga: no knowledge of passbolt, but am a fan of lastpass. i assume you've already considered that?

  • 01/11 21:23:12 Rae: @Lyric: I'm not familiar with passbook either. Look at Spideroak Encryptr. It's available on Linux. https://spideroak.com/solutions/encryptr

  • 01/11 21:29:52 Lyric: Thanks! I hadn't actually considered lastpass, been a while since I considered these. I'll check out encryptr too.

  • 01/11 21:34:24 Helga: the lastpass pricing has probably changed since youve looked then too. the free tier now includes cross-device. sharing with my wife is basically the only need for the paid tier that i still have

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