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  • 05/19 08:40:24 Leo: http://theconversation.com/should-spies-use-secret-software-vulnerabilities-77770

  • 05/19 08:42:00 Leo: If you set the ethics aside, keep/disclose is a pretty simple decision IMO. If your state has a bigger surface area for cyberattacks than your target state does, you disclose. Otherwise, you keep.

  • 05/19 08:44:07 Leo: For example, North Korea's network is state-owned and it doesn't connect to the Internet at very many points. It can be secured much more cheaply than the US's networks. They get a disproportionate advantage from zero-days

  • 05/19 11:28:49 Karlie: Interesting take. This conversation took me off guard the other night, so this post was very timely. Thanks for posting.

  • 05/19 11:30:03 Karlie: I feel that security encompasses more than just physical safety, so it's a really big gray area to try and justify endangering someone's financial or economic security in order to ensure to a small percent their physical safety.

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