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  • 08/15 11:36:44 Tenesha: says the liberal who tries hard not to always be in a liberal bubble

  • 08/15 11:49:13 Tenesha: also, fixing our voting system is long overdue https://www.facebook.com/groups/rcvnebraska/

  • 08/15 11:49:44 Tenesha: I cast a lot of blame on two-party politics

  • 08/15 12:48:15 Vonnie: I feel like those are "acceptable" up until now. I wonder what they think NOW after 6+ mths. Or perhaps they aren't part of the impacted by his actions or threats of action. I'm with you however I react with love and try to understand their perspective. I believe it's really important to understand and not just throw hate at them.

  • 08/15 12:51:20 Tenesha: my assumptions: (1) no change but Christ is Trump embarrassing as hell (2) ya he's a dick, but has anything actually changed? No? ya, I figured

  • 08/15 15:59:09 Vonnie: https://medium.com/@arnomichaelisIV/how-to-smash-neo-nazi-events-cf132da0aa

  • 08/17 12:39:03 Kera: > Let me be clear: this was an arbitrary decision. It was different than what I’d talked talked with our senior team about yesterday. I woke up this morning in a bad mood and decided to kick them off the Internet.

  • 08/17 12:55:48 Tenesha: I'm sure the lawyers will make everything better

  • 08/17 12:56:06 Tenesha: Cloudflare++ # how do I send them money?

  • 08/17 13:08:05 Tenesha: haha, actually http://jays.net

  • 08/17 13:08:11 Tenesha: come at me bro

  • 08/17 13:09:17 Tenesha: the circle of life

  • 08/17 13:22:04 Tenesha: https://youtu.be/LtFyP0qy9XU

  • 08/17 14:02:55 Alisia: As a born and bred Southerner who’s alway felt deeply uncomfortable with the “Lost Cause” and romanticization of the Confederates, this tweet knocks it out of the park: https://twitter.com/theshrillest/status/897468958994870273

  • 08/17 14:03:12 Alisia: Tip of the hat to @Tenesha for retweeting this

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