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  • 06/13 09:13:29 Adriene: has joined the channel

  • 06/13 12:29:44 Antone: anybody watch the sessions testimony? I started it over my lunch hour at the begining of his talk and he just rambles on about police forcing and other things

  • 06/13 12:30:02 Antone: it's aggravating as he is just intentionally killing the clock

  • 06/13 12:42:41 Antone: got it wrong, the schedule is bonkers, first matters was the clinton email stuff at noon, and trump stuff at 2est

  • 06/13 12:42:57 Antone: either way i doubt he will answer any questions

  • 06/13 13:03:51 Anh: glad to see congress is finally looking into those emails

  • 06/13 14:11:00 Antone: his opening speech about the Russian investigation he brings up about rising crime and the need for more policing. wat

  • 06/13 14:15:29 Hollis: buttery nails == but her emails

  • 06/14 13:18:51 Maris: ya, any shitty AI could be an elected official nowadays. Dunno why humans bother.

  • 06/14 13:19:20 Maris: vote NonsenseBot 2020

  • 06/14 13:20:26 Delicia: I’m voting If-Check/Markov-Chain 2024 us

  • 06/14 13:34:11 Anh: vote Senator Mnist in 2018, the only politician who will classify all of the digits in Washington

  • 06/14 13:58:01 Maris: Mnist?

  • 06/14 14:04:56 Anh: Its a dataset of handwritten digits, really popular for ML tutorials: http://yann.lecun.com/exdb/mnist/

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