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  • 03/29 13:10:38 Allene: jcbwlkr: Generally hook_node_presave() is where you'd want to do calculations that you can save back to the entity, because it executes after the user submits, but before the node is saved to the database

  • 03/29 13:10:47 Allene: jcbwlkr: Also feel free to join !

  • 03/29 13:10:55 Allene: @Price ^

  • 03/29 13:15:10 Price: @Allene thanks!

  • 04/05 11:27:11 Macey: Tonight’s KC PHP User Group will be an open hack night. Bring your projects, bring your questions, and bring a desire to help others. https://www.meetup.com/kcphpug/events/238675258/

  • 04/05 16:04:04 Cyril: What’s the best way to handle versioning your own Composer packages? https://getcomposer.org/doc/articles/versions.md seems to suggest using tags for everything, but I’ve also seen that some people use branches, or a mix of both (branch for minor version, tag for patch)

  • 04/05 16:21:05 Adalberto: I don’t do a lot of PHP anymore, but in general I like an unstable master branch, then tag point and minor releases off there. I don’t think there is much harm to whatever way you want to do it though. If you had a branch for every point release it sounds like it’d get messy fast.

  • 04/05 16:21:41 Adalberto: I've also never really managed a super active, multi-version library.

  • 04/05 16:34:13 Cyril: > If you had a branch for every point release it sounds like it’d get messy fast.

    Exactly what I was just thinking. I’m leaning towards using tags

  • 04/05 19:31:57 Adalberto: Tags are (normally) immutable, which is a point in favor for marking individual releases.

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