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  • 06/20 14:47:40 Karmen: has joined the channel

  • 06/20 14:48:51 Karmen: Does this group still do monthly workshop nights?

  • 06/20 15:22:08 Kareen: IDK but I hope so. I hope to start going one of these days. Are you interested in rails too? I was wondering how the testing of rails and django compare. Is it one to one?

  • 06/20 15:23:48 Kareen: A year ago I made a tiny bit of progress on https://github.com/payne/lunchTDD> I used help from Agape Red and pluralsight.

  • 06/20 15:23:58 Kareen: Also, did you see that tonight's java meetup is a testing meetup?

  • 06/20 15:24:07 Kareen: https://www.meetup.com/omahajava/events/240732928/

  • 06/20 15:53:39 Ty: The next workshop night we have scheduled is on the 28th thumbsup

  • 06/20 15:55:55 Kareen: I'll work to be there and make some progress on my small app.

  • 06/20 15:56:01 Kareen: Thanks! slightly_smiling_face

  • 06/27 11:28:17 Fidel: has joined the channel

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