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  • 08/01 14:53:35 Adelia: Hey all. If you are in Omaha and are interested or know someone interested in iOS. Feel free to come out

  • 08/03 17:32:47 Chelsea: has joined the channel

  • 08/10 10:56:27 Karolyn: working on a site and allowing the device to link to a phone number if it detects it natively. anyone know of a list of devices that auto-link phone #'s? when I Google it, I get a lot of "how to link/not link" but I just want the info for our testers.

  • 08/10 10:58:08 Adelia: Is there a reason to not just use a tel link?

  • 08/10 11:07:46 Adelia: Ahh I see I did not really answer your question with my text. But the link did I believe tell you how things react on different browsers and OS's.

  • 08/10 11:24:41 Karolyn: yeah don't want to link it if calling is not available

  • 08/10 11:24:51 Karolyn: on some desktops for example

  • 08/10 11:47:22 Karolyn: @Adelia "many devices will automagically recognize phone numbers and do the linking for us" and there's a chart for "tel:" support Hmmm

  • 08/10 11:53:00 Karolyn: but what are the many devices *shrugs*

  • 08/10 12:57:43 Adelia: Android I think its all devices. If you dont have a phone app it just shows a mesage that you dont have an app installed.

  • 08/10 12:57:53 Adelia: iOS I am not so confident but I imagine its the same

  • 08/10 13:06:37 Karolyn: thanks - iPhones do link

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