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  • 05/04 09:15:38 Willie: @Ron 17.04 on my work desktop out of necessity (4.10 kernel required for Ryzen) and 16.04.2 on my work laptop. The laptop is rock solid, but on the desktop the nvidia drivers seem to occasionally cause issues when I disable/enable one of my displays.

  • 05/04 09:16:27 Willie: I've also found Ubuntu Budgie 17.04 to work pretty well and problem free on my desktop

  • 05/04 09:16:45 Willie: though nvidia drivers are going to be the weak link for me no matter what the desktop environment

  • 05/04 09:18:14 Willie: If I don't unplug either monitor I almost never have problems

  • 05/04 12:28:36 Gust: I use debian sid guests in virtualbox on windows 10 host.

  • 05/04 12:30:18 Gust: I got a couple of them running right now. Never had a problem other than with guest<-->host "shared folders". The vboxsf filesystem is junk! Claims to be posix, isn't. It will let you chmod, say it worked (syscall returns 0) but it doesn't actually change the file. Symlink creation fails. etc.

  • 05/04 12:31:04 Gust: So I have a big shared space, but it's only really useful for static documents... if I want to build some code, run an application, etc, I gotta use an ext2 (or 4 or whatever) inside the VM.

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