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  • 06/19 12:41:32 Lulu: sounds similar to what Plato offers https://www.platohq.com/

  • 06/19 12:43:14 Coy: happy to make intros directly, if there’s anyone in my network you’re interested in reaching. http://linkedin.com/in/tinakc

  • 06/19 12:43:38 Elwanda: ^ network queen crown

  • 06/19 12:52:20 Joline: Just email Mark Zuckerberg. Or someone like him. I've actually known people that successfully had a billionaire as their mentor, simply because nobody has ever tried it.

  • 06/19 12:58:42 Joline: Full disclosure: the guys I knew that did that weren't in engineering... it was in sales. But I'm guessing it's similar for tech.

  • 06/19 18:54:55 Timothy: @Sixta I’m speaking about this topic at KCDC.

  • 06/19 18:55:58 Timothy: “How to go from Developer to Stakeholder”

  • 06/19 18:56:06 Timothy: Hopefully it helps!

  • 06/19 18:59:04 Sixta: Sounds like it might!

  • 06/20 10:58:14 Scottie: @Sixta If you’re lacking in connections to other folks in the industry, I’d recommend starting to solve that problem. There are several outlets like meetups, tech councils, and even volunteer opportunities like being a judge at the KC FIRST Robotics competition (personal experience on the last one).

  • 06/20 10:59:20 Scottie: If you hate networking for networking’s sake like I do, these sorts of things are great ways to meet people without having the impetus of meeting people. smile

  • 06/20 11:21:37 Sixta: @Scottie I love such things, unfortunately, I’m also a Dad to an infant and a toddler. Really limits opportunities to get out and about.

  • 06/21 15:04:28 Micha: Early bird prices of $125 end in only a few weeks http://devopsdayskc.eventbrite.com/> or until we run out, which ever is first. Also buy 4 get one free at any price!! We got a lot of great feedback last year:

  • 06/22 13:42:35 Sabine: has joined the channel

  • 06/23 08:10:09 Micha: Want to be on stage at the Uptown? Right now we need a lot more ignite talks to be submitted If you are not familiar ignite talk format, it is 5 minutes, 20 slides, auto advancing every 15 seconds (if you want to have a slide for 30 seconds, simply repeat it slightly_smiling_face ) More at: http://www.ignitetalks.io/ Last year this rapid fire style got a lot of information across in a very short time and was well received. We would love to see everything from culture, making your business better, to tools you love and can convey in a short amount of time.


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