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  • 08/10 15:18:35 Ricarda: casey's is a guilty pleasure of mine

  • 08/10 16:30:56 Kathryn: I have a... well... I guess funny... story about Casey's. My buddy lives in a podunk town, and the only places to eat out are Sonic, McDonald's, or Casey's. First time I visited him, we got Casey's. I said, "This pizza is absolutely terrible. I feel like it's going to kill me." About 3 months later, he was eating some Casey's pizza, and he got really bad heart burn that just kept getting worse and worse. Finally, after 8 hours of heartburn, he went to the hospital to find out he was having a heart attack.

  • 08/10 16:43:57 Ngoc: I still like Ingredient neutral_face

  • 08/10 20:01:59 Janna: D'bronx still wins, but is challenged by papa kenos, grinders and now Grimaldis

  • 08/11 07:38:30 Joseph: Pizza51 is probably after D’Bronx

  • 08/11 08:28:50 Ngoc: Casey's breakfast pizza FTW!! amiright @My ?

  • 08/11 09:57:19 Janna: Pizza51 is definitely top shelf.

  • 08/11 10:00:59 Ricarda: yeah pizza 51 is great

  • 08/11 10:01:33 My: omg... casey's breakfast pizza

  • 08/11 11:07:10 Mickey: idk what all yall talking about but little caesars pizzahut is where it's at

  • 08/11 11:10:43 Ngoc: second best breakfast pizza - bagel bites

  • 08/11 11:18:14 Ricarda: i saw little ceaser's was introducing pizza kiosks

  • 08/11 11:33:12 Joseph: I love me some QT breakfast pizza

  • 08/11 11:33:18 Joseph: THey use gravy as the base

  • 08/11 11:52:55 Hong: casey's breakfast pizza far surpasses QT breakfast pizza fire

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