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  • 02/23 17:51:13 Elisa: there's a good concentration of people at HQ in SF, but I'd say at least half are remote

  • 02/23 17:51:38 Elisa: all across the US with a couple in the UK

  • 02/23 17:53:19 Elisa: I work from home in Merriam, KS

  • 02/23 17:57:32 Ludwig: Oh! When did you go there? Hashi corp has a lot of great useful stuff.

  • 02/23 17:59:34 Elisa: been there 16 months now!

  • 02/23 18:00:00 Elisa: Yeah, it was a bit overwhelming at first (because so many products), but I've been learning a lot

  • 02/23 18:00:14 Elisa: most recently, I've been working on the UI for Vault Enterprise

  • 02/23 18:01:24 Ludwig: Wow, that's a good while.

  • 02/23 18:04:08 Elisa: Heh, isn't this industry funny? 16 months being a long time would seem unusual in other lines of work smile

  • 02/23 18:04:15 Elisa: (but I agree!)

  • 02/23 19:07:50 Furman: has joined the channel

  • 02/23 20:07:10 Selmer: has joined the channel

  • 02/24 11:52:44 Elisa: reposting for the friday crew (last time, I swear) - https://www.hashicorp.com/jobs/#software-engineer-terraform-enterprise-frontend

  • 02/24 11:52:50 Elisa: happy friday y'all

  • 02/24 15:42:50 Selmer: Hey guys. I'm looking for an Android dev for a full-time position to help build a social music app that is pre-publish. https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Vertigo-Media,-Inc./jobs/Android-Developer-cbf6b60f9ed53cac?q=Android+Developer
    DM me if you want to chat!

  • *Usernames have been changed to protect the innocent.

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