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  • 06/15 15:10:38 Karon: @Felipa only local applicants or remote acceptable?

  • 06/15 16:09:17 Felipa: @Karon right now we are focused on local; but I will ask to see if we can accept remote.

  • 06/15 16:10:59 Una: @Karon https://github.com/jessicard/remote-jobs

  • 06/15 16:12:19 Felipa: Remote jobs are the best, the position unfortunately they want someone to sit side by side someone.... at least maybe for the first 6 months.... startups man every policy is grey.

  • 06/15 16:47:33 Karon: :+1:

  • 06/15 16:47:40 Karon: thanks for checking @Felipa slightly_smiling_face

  • 06/15 16:47:56 Karon: cheers, thanks @Una I had not seen this list

  • 06/15 16:55:31 Rosie: https://cultivatenow.com/ has a slack community that is pretty good about collecting sources for remote opportunities. you might find some of their resources helpful too

  • 06/16 16:14:49 Almeda: has joined the channel

  • 06/16 16:14:59 Almeda: Hey all,
    My company, little guy design (https://littleguydesign.com/), is looking for 2 part-time positions.

    #1 Wordpress “developer/designer” with strong graphic/layout eye to produce websites built on Wordpress usually from template and then adding custom code. This position would start with 1-2 projects within 1-2 months time and could grow into full-time fairly quickly for the right candidate.

    #2 Video producer who can produce mini-doc or interview style videos from start to finish, including scripting, direction, setup, filming, editing, and production. Also interested in whiteboard/animation type video production.

    Work is done remote or meeting up approx 3x a week for groupthink/support, and in a subcontractor type basis.

  • 06/18 16:40:06 Kati: has joined the channel

  • 06/19 18:33:44 Phuong: Hey, folks! I unexpectedly find myself in the market again (Kansas City area or partial remote) and am looking for business analyst or BA/PM work. You can find me here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tamaracopple/

  • 06/20 14:59:31 Al: has joined the channel

  • 06/20 15:02:42 Al: My company is looking for a front end developer. You'd be building applications using React and Angular. The position is on site in Omaha. It's a good company and a good development team.

  • 06/23 16:29:31 Paola: has joined the channel

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