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  • 04/27 14:04:42 Theron: @Cooper Hahaha, I wasn’t sure if I should keep it confidential. cold_sweat

  • 04/27 14:04:58 Cooper: haha love it! I appreciate the default to confidentiality

  • 04/27 14:06:18 Cooper: But for reals ya'll, we have this website, http://iheartdospace.org, and we just need to make a few little updates - shouldn't take long, we just don't have any PHPers on staff here, and our previous dev has moved on to bigger and better things!

  • 04/27 14:07:20 Cooper: feel free to DM me if you'd be interested in a little side gig

  • 04/27 14:07:21 Cooper: Thanks!

  • 04/27 14:07:34 Mario: @Cooper is it in github? you could crowd / open source the work slightly_smiling_face

  • 04/27 14:08:12 Cooper: I don't think it's on github! Shame on me

  • 04/27 14:09:51 Benedict: I like PHP, but I live in Kansas City. I will never achieve my dream of working for @Cooper

  • 04/27 14:11:15 Mario: moves the conversation to

  • 04/27 14:18:44 Cooper: aw shucks @Benedict

  • 04/27 14:19:02 Cooper: perhaps we will have a project at some point with your name on it that can be done remotely

  • 04/27 14:35:42 Lisandro: @Stevie knows PHP — maybe he knows someone in Omaha who could do it or how you could find someone?

  • 04/27 16:34:24 Benedict: I hope it involves swimming.

  • 04/28 11:07:02 Libby: has joined the channel

  • 04/29 20:07:46 Electa: EquipmentShare is looking for an Automation Engineer (among other positions). We have offices in downtown KC and Columbia, and we're also work-from-home friendly. We're a fast growing startup (and a Y Combinator company), we're well funded, and we actually have a real product. Please let me know if you have any questions! https://equipmentshare.com/jobs?gh_jid=681836

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