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  • 01/03 14:29:41 Trevor: So, if you're a good experienced front end Dev in KC, or wanting to be in KC, who understands why the c in CSS is a good thing, and knows when vanilla js is better than Framework (and vice versa), thinks markup is the most basic of all the building blocks, and can at least sort of see how a11y is good for usability and business, then I want to talk to you. Hit me up, and let's see if you want to come work with me and an amazing team. Ng2 and/or react experience is a big bonus. Let's talk.

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  • 01/05 14:10:47 Lucius: http://www.sprint.jobs/ShowJob/Id/2072/DevOps-Engineer-Lead-Pinsight-Media/

  • 01/05 14:11:00 Lucius: If you want to come work with me and two other cool kats! Check this job out

  • 01/06 13:15:52 Trevor: I will confirm the devops folks at pinsight are indeed cool Kats

  • 01/06 13:15:52 Kaitlin: Image File [click to view]

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  • 01/16 23:02:22 Jaida: Hiring a dev for LendingStandard in KC. We are modernizing multifamily finance and processing over $1B in debt finance. Looking for a dev that has had exp with Salesforce integrations. Java/Grails/ExtJS and mgmt exp a bonus.

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