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  • 08/02 15:23:45 Vernia: has joined the channel

  • 08/02 15:24:27 Vernia: Hi friends. Our startup is looking for an experienced iOS mobile app developer on both front and backend. Any one pops to mind?

  • 08/02 15:59:07 Shaquana: has joined the channel

  • 08/02 16:20:57 Shelby: has left the channel

  • 08/02 16:46:57 Nicky: has joined the channel

  • 08/06 13:26:55 Teresia: has joined the channel

  • 08/10 15:03:55 Dong: I'm looking for a full stack developer, Angular & React on the front end, ColdFusion on the back end. Message me if you know of someone. Thanks.

  • 08/10 15:07:11 Dong: ColdFusion experience not necessary, BTW. This will be mostly front end work, and CF is easy to pick up.

  • 08/10 15:14:23 Dong: The position is on-site in Omaha.

  • 08/10 17:33:43 Mercedes: there are several folks looking for work that meet that qualification in the spreadsheet, @Dong https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18o5PhXY91o0NQb6Il10IN1eUwZuQYA-YgSh5zcBYh2w/edit#gid=0

  • 08/11 08:03:38 Marnie: i'm looking to hire multiple DevOps Engineers, doesn't have to be KC, we also have remote (and those of us in KC are effectively remote), https://www.workable.com/j/465C33BBF8

  • 08/11 08:04:09 Marnie: takes note to update that in the workable description

  • 08/14 11:52:36 Ashlyn: has joined the channel

  • 08/17 10:18:57 Gertrudis: @anyone do Sitefinity freelance development

  • 08/17 10:57:59 Caron: has joined the channel

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