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  • 03/23 08:53:15 Ramon: But the only Babel plugin for dynamic `import` right now transpiles it to call a Webpack function

  • 03/23 08:54:41 Shanie: I wrote a Babel plugin for transforming string literals functions that was pretty simple. I’d imagine it’d be pretty straight forward to write something that transforms import to require() for Browserify or something else?

  • 03/23 08:54:54 Shanie: Not sure what your stack is

  • 03/23 08:54:56 Humberto: wink

  • 03/23 08:55:17 Humberto: Not much else you can do besides write a custom transform that converts it to fetch();

  • 03/23 08:55:31 Humberto: Or just use fetch()

  • 03/23 09:01:12 Ramon: @Shanie yeah, the main problem is to transform it to something that works according to the dynamic `import` spec in the browser

  • 03/23 09:01:25 Ramon: I assume it would use `fetch`, sure

  • 03/23 09:01:43 Shanie: It’d be tough.. I wasn’t familiar with the spec but looking through it it looks more complicated than simply swapping it out for `fetch`

  • 03/23 09:01:56 Ramon: I just wanted there to be a polyfill already so I wouldn't have to go to the trouble of writing something spec-compliant myself :-P

  • 03/23 09:02:35 Ramon: I'd have to learn how to read those specs...

  • 03/23 09:03:30 Shanie: What a great opportunity to do a polyfill that benefits the community and saves the rest of us a ton of work smile :+1:

  • 03/23 09:04:15 Ramon: heehee

  • 03/23 09:04:27 Ramon: but all these words scare me https://tc39.github.io/proposal-dynamic-import/#sec-modules

  • 03/24 17:49:08 Torey: Any vis.js gurus? I have a question regarding updating a node image when it's not predefined with DataSet up on stackoverflow if you are bored : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/43010258/changing-image-of-a-node-based-on-json-data-it-contains-with-vis-js-without-data

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