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  • 06/27 22:19:18 Richie: wait wat

  • 06/27 22:20:27 Caroll: The answer to, "What idiot did this!?" is almost always, "A smart, well-intentioned person making tradeoffs you hadn't even considered."

  • 06/27 22:20:55 Caroll: 'Trade-offs you hadn't considered'

  • 06/27 22:21:31 Caroll: Most of the trade-offs that have been made in the JS and Spec community have been focused around 'not breaking the web' for about 5-7% of legacy websites.

  • 06/27 22:23:25 Caroll: Guh it triggers me so hard even with or without context

  • 06/27 22:23:42 Caroll: Promise.resolve(rant)

  • 06/27 22:42:21 Margart: granted 5-7% of legacy websites is not a small amount

  • 06/27 22:46:26 Richie: @Caroll yeah, I think that's the point

  • 06/27 22:47:03 Richie: everyone talking shit isn't thinking of the large number of people that would get fucked by taking the "dude why didn't you just X" route

  • 06/27 22:49:17 Richie: sorry, my "what a tangled web we weave" comment was completely unrelated to the comment before that, that was in relation to the class framework being built up by the speaker in the "ES6 is a tolerable Perl5" video someone linked to

  • 06/27 22:50:14 Richie: I'm overwhelmingly sympathetic to OSS authors and spec authors who have to deal with continuous "why not [what I want]" requests

  • 06/28 00:05:55 Caroll: @Margart Oh it definitely is not a small amount.

  • 06/28 00:06:42 Caroll: I also agree that yes, shitposting is the last productive thing. Rather, being involved in the spec and fighting to break to web for the sake of the common good. Like chrome did with passive event listeners.

  • 06/28 08:46:47 Traci: I'm still on Node v0.12

  • 06/28 08:46:56 Traci: Stupid BeagleBone Black...

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