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  • 08/17 10:33:09 Candra: but this seems like it wouldn’t be (hopefully)

  • 08/17 10:33:12 Emilia: thumbsup

  • 08/17 10:34:02 Nolan: @Phebe I don't want my browser-test-runner to be complected with my test library

  • 08/17 10:34:02 Candra: That said… this is only Chrome whereas Selenium is much more

  • 08/17 10:34:04 Emilia: a well written framework around selenium is super important to make it worth while (at least for testing)

  • 08/17 10:34:15 Myles: i've also ran into some times I've made some scripts to do web scraping, and it'd work on my mac but not desktop or vice versa

  • 08/17 10:35:07 Nolan: I remember looking at Intern a while back

  • 08/17 10:35:23 Nolan: It just seems to do so much... looking over it again now, I have trouble figuring out what its core competency is supposed to be

  • 08/17 10:36:21 Myles: i do think it's a good project as it seems we've fallen into too much compliance and acceptance of this is the best web automation testing will get, or this is the best our browser integration for web automation will be and this project actually tries to address the later problem

  • 08/17 10:37:05 Myles: and i think better integration with a chrome driver will only allow the automation frameworks to get better

  • 08/17 10:37:07 Myles: im done

  • 08/17 10:37:39 Nolan: I want a run-tests-in-the-browser API like this

    runInBrowser(cb => {
    runAllMyTestsWithMyPreferredTestFramework(success => cb(success))

  • 08/17 10:37:57 Nolan: man, I can't believe Slack still doesn't support syntax highlighting in code blocks

  • 08/17 10:38:05 Nolan: everyone needs to switch to Discord

  • 08/17 16:33:31 Sandi: has joined the channel

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