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  • 04/27 16:39:03 Fabian: I’d love to see more Go stuff happening around here. Why should Denver get all of the fun slightly_smiling_face

  • 04/28 10:28:50 Alaina: has joined the channel

  • 04/28 10:29:30 Alaina: @Russell if you want to meet at Omaha Maker Group, you could take over this, which died when I started travelling part time http://code.omahamakergroup.org/

  • 04/28 10:30:11 Russell: Cool, I’ll keep that in mind slightly_smiling_face

  • 04/28 10:30:29 Alaina: Just find a key holder (I never was one) to unlock the place for you. Or become a key holder. slightly_smiling_face

  • 04/28 10:31:02 Alaina: @Torey often opened the doors, and he does Go I think

  • 04/28 11:06:44 Kole: has joined the channel

  • 04/28 11:10:31 Kole: @Russell I am in Lincoln and think a Go meetup would be cool.

  • 04/28 11:11:04 Russell: Awesome! I think we might be picking up enough folks to have a meetup at this point.

  • 04/28 11:11:15 Russell: Would you be amenable to the occasional drive into Omaha?

  • 04/28 11:11:51 Kole: I think possibly.

  • 04/28 11:31:21 Russell: I'll try to get excellent content lined up to make it worth your time :)

  • 04/28 11:33:00 Fabian: so what all regional Go groups do we know of? Denver, KC, and now Omaha. Can anyone think of some others?

  • 04/28 12:47:13 Kole: Awesome!

  • 04/28 13:10:13 Alaina: You should fork http://www.pm.org/ to create a map slightly_smiling_face

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