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  • 07/31 10:40:30 Cody: i love Digital Ocean

  • 07/31 11:44:31 Glenn: Thanks, I’m looking into one of the simpler DO plans. At first I just need it for simple web+email hosting, but plan on using it for side projects down the road.

  • 07/31 12:05:20 Fausto: I’ve had limited, but good experience with Vultr as well, and they have a loss-leader option that’s a good value.

  • 07/31 12:05:56 Fausto: $2.50/mo for 512Mb box is hard to beat. But you only get one per plan.

  • 07/31 13:02:57 Glenn: $2.50/mo? Nice!

  • 07/31 14:34:56 Shaun: I'm a *huge* fan of Linode (http;//www.linode.com) myself. Those guys kick ass. However, it's a VPS provider, not a straight-web/app hosting service. It requires a little more work and you have to manage your own OS. Full flexibility to do anything you want there, though.

  • 07/31 14:57:59 Shaun: Linode starts at $5/month for a VM with 1GB of RAM, 1 vCPU, 20GB of SSD/disk, and 1TB of combined data transfer. Pricing can be done hourly, too.

  • 07/31 16:55:54 Otis: linode++

  • 08/02 12:10:40 Fausto: https://twitter.com/idanyliuk/status/697550858062557184

  • 08/13 20:47:58 Fausto: I just spent an hour beating my head against a deadlock, turns out I never initialized my channels. facepalm

  • 08/13 22:59:10 Cody: wait, how?

  • 08/13 22:59:40 Cody: how do you create a channel without initializing it?

  • 08/14 06:19:29 Fausto: `var oops chan bool`

  • 08/14 06:19:49 Fausto: Is a nil channel. I should have been doing `oops = make(chan bool)`

  • 08/14 06:20:35 Fausto: Which, evidently, they can be useful. http://www.godesignpatterns.com/2014/05/nil-channels-always-block.html

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