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  • 12/31 15:12:16 Donavon: noob question: could someone point me to how to open up a port on mac os x sierra so that clients on my network can get to a go-based server app running in terminal? The server runs just fine and I can get to it via ‘localhost:8000’; however, other clients on my subnet cannot. I see where I can allow connections to apps on the os x firewall but not ports unser system preferences->security & privacy->firewall. I think I found how I can allow port access through web sharing, but web sharing is no longer an option under system preferences->sharing. I’ve also tried totally shutting down the software firewall—no luck. I found a communities discussion on setting up a local web server, but it was apache/php based and obviously i’m just wanting to use go’s simple built-in server. any ideas?

  • 01/03 10:32:23 Manley: @Donavon how are you binding to the port?

  • 01/04 09:49:00 Manley: Early bird tickets are available for gophercon 2017

  • 01/04 09:49:03 Manley: https://ti.to/gophercon/gophercon-2017

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  • 01/14 10:06:36 Donavon: Hey all you fans of the "Go" language! Come join us next Wednesday to hear Alan Fairless, CEO of SpiderOak, speak about their usage of Go and their zero knowledge encryption approach.


  • 01/19 21:24:59 Donavon: Hey gophers, it was a great presentation last night by Alan at the KC Golang meetup! Hope to see you all at the next Meetup!

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