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  • 08/17 17:25:20 Alejandro: the only signatures i ever managed to collect were those of coworkers who were forced for job purposes to maintain a personal key

  • 08/17 17:25:36 Leah: https://keybase.io/ is something that you might actually use at some point

  • 08/17 17:25:51 Leah: Since they added direct messaging, I've actually used it to send a couple passwords to people :-o

  • 08/17 17:26:11 Alejandro: i actually have had an account on there for forever but haven't had a chance to explore it much, seems neat though

  • 08/17 17:26:33 Alejandro: yeah, i saw that messaging update come across not long ago

  • 08/17 17:29:12 Laquanda: i use keybase a decent amount with my team. i wasnt a PGP user before keybase, but it has made key sharing simple enough that ive gotten teammates plenty comfortable with it to send credentials around when we need to

  • 08/17 17:38:41 Rob: Eclipse: I'll probably park at "1398 W Dogwood Rd Pickrell, Nebraska". Dirt road, so I can't imagine anyone would care. 99.55% Umbrell depth is good enough for me. :)

  • 08/17 17:40:03 Leah: I'll be driving with family to somewhere down there. I think the idea was to go into Beatrice, but I'm trying to convince people that we don't want to do that, since I expect the traffic will be crazy-go-nuts

  • 08/17 17:53:39 Rob: Beatrice? bah. Too far south ;)

  • 08/17 17:54:14 Rob: I'll be really impressed if Hwy 77 is logjammed.

  • 08/17 17:54:38 Leah: https://xkcd.com/1876/

  • 08/17 17:54:41 Rob: since its 2017 science is fake news so Nebraskans will stay home

  • 08/17 17:55:30 Rob: tehshrike: :) I'll bring lots of water. (Tequila, beer are mostly water.)

  • 08/17 18:00:19 Leah: I think to myself "I need to be able to move files between projects more easily for this task". 30 minutes later: https://theoutline.com/post/1953/how-a-vc-funded-company-is-undermining-the-open-source-community> +

  • 08/17 18:01:51 Rob: if the open source is evil now, fork it

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