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  • 08/14 10:52:53 Rodney:

    The admin team wanted to take a minute to acknowledge the events going on in Charlottesville, VA right now. Charlottesville, VA, USA, like the rest of the country, has had a deep and troubling history of violence towards marginalized people, especially Black people, and right on the cusp of the manifestbro attacking all non-white males in technology.

    Nazism, white supremacist attitudes, and overt bigotry and hatred are on the rise right now in the United States. This impacts all of us, in some shape or form, right now. People of color, particularly Black people, Asian Americans, immigrants, Jewish and Muslim people are feeling the pinch the most right now with their identities—doubly so if they women, triply so if they are women of trans or gender non-conforming experience.

    Charlottesville should remind us about the importance of accountability. It is our duty as people who want a safe world to fight for it in whatever ways we are able. Sometimes that means showing up to emergency actions. Sometimes that means making sure your little corner of the internet remains free of white supremacist ideals as much as possible.

    Let’s make no bones about how white and US-centric this Slack is. It will be up to other white people in this space to take up for people of color when we see white supremacist ideals crop up, and it’ll be up to us to alert the admins if things spiral out of control - speak up. We want to make sure that this space continues to be a safe, accessible space here for everyone. Mistakes are fine, harassment is not. Don’t let one person’s learning be at expense of some of our most vulnerable members.

    Let us also be clear about this: Nazism and overt bigotry have no place in this Slack. People who speak about these ideals and double down when asked to thread or stop will be banned.

    Charlottesville should also remind us how important it is to love and support one another. To quote Dean Spade: “Let’s be gentle with ourselves and each other and fierce as we fight oppression.” Between the recent trans military “ban”, the imminent threat of a North Korean war, and Charlottesville there are people in this space hurting in real and visceral ways right now. They may not be sharing it publicly.

    It’s okay to reach out to them and tell them you care for them and want them to be okay. It’s okay to let them know you’re here for them in whatever way possible.

    As we continue to go on with our daily lives, know that the admin team of this Slack is dedicated to making this place a safe and sheltering for the most marginalized of us. We see you all and you’re important to us. Thank you so much for continuing to be your bright, shining selves in this dark world.

    Not so gentle reminder: I built this slack after being bullied in the workplace and wanted to build a supportive community for developers. I have no hesitation in booting anyone who is hateful, bullying, antagonistic, or expressing views of bigotry.

  • 08/14 10:55:32 Tawna: Thank you for writing this.

  • 08/14 11:00:14 Rodney: Also accompanying music which has been helping me with the heartbreak: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-Dur3uXXCQ

  • 08/14 11:13:02 Theo: white people are the worst confused

  • 08/14 11:19:03 Isobel: Maybe white supremacist* are the worst.

  • 08/14 11:36:34 Annett: i think how white people react to this situation will really determine whether or not we earn that qualifier tbh

  • 08/14 11:41:11 Yolonda: https://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10007392

  • 08/14 11:41:30 Yolonda: >First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  • 08/14 11:42:33 Yolonda: I was raised Jewish, and it is exceedingly alarming what is happening in the US right now

  • 08/14 11:42:47 Yolonda: the deeper I dig, the more I realize how long it has gone on really…

  • 08/14 11:42:58 Yolonda: the attitudes never left because people in this country are TOO comfortable

  • 08/14 11:43:03 Yolonda: “I’ll never be affected”

  • 08/14 11:43:06 Yolonda: “why should I care?”

  • 08/14 11:43:18 Rodney: Hey, let's move this convo to general chat, thanks! <3

  • 08/14 11:43:48 Yolonda: heh. sorry @Rodney. thanks for your stewardship of this group.

  • *Usernames have been changed to protect the innocent.

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