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  • 07/24 10:03:19 Allen: on PTR the top team reached nearly GR 400 because they ran 3 Necromancers and a Witch Doctor

  • 07/24 10:03:26 Allen: it got nerfed pretty fast joy

  • 07/25 10:07:00 Allen: @Quentin so I overestimated my gear lol. I thought I could run Torment 13, but i most definitely cannot

  • 07/25 10:07:16 Stephani: Pyre unlocks in an hour

  • 07/25 10:07:18 Allen: We did a 4-man Cow Level last night on T13 and it _did not go well_

  • 07/25 10:07:43 Renee: smile

  • 07/25 10:07:56 Allen: our Crusader was the only person tough enough and strong enough to kill anything

  • 07/25 10:08:05 Quentin: Lol. I probably won’t get that far in season.

  • 07/25 10:08:15 Allen: so it was 3 people dying as soon as we rez’d, then our crusader slowly murdering everything over the course of like 45 minutes

  • 07/25 10:08:34 Allen: it was about 0/10 fun joy

  • 07/25 10:09:25 Quentin: That sucks. A couple of weeks ago somebody carried me and another person through a T13 rift. Sounds like it went about how it went for you.

  • 07/25 10:10:15 Allen: haha yeahhhhhhh, i doubled my gold in those 45 minutes, but i got nothing really to show from it lol

  • 07/26 09:33:23 Allen: AHHH got the final missing part for my build last night heart_eyes

  • 07/26 09:33:36 Allen: now time for the ancient grind sob

  • 07/26 09:46:43 Stephani: Pyre is amazing so far

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