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  • 12/28 09:33:51 Lauren: has joined the channel

  • 12/28 09:34:09 Lauren: hi folks! Swinging through to drop off a stellar humble bundle!

  • 12/28 09:34:09 Robin: koala

  • 12/28 09:34:11 Lauren: has left the channel

  • 01/09 20:34:03 Olen: has joined the channel

  • 01/10 12:41:45 Vickie: Hey gamedev neighbors! In case anyone fancies a roadtrip to Wichita??
    Wichita eSports is hosting the next ICT Game Jam Feb 3-5. Tell your friends!
    Anyone feel free to ping me with any question, or open issues on https://github.com/devict/ictgamejam/tree/gh-pages

  • 01/10 12:42:01 Vickie: Never hesitate to `@` me with similar events you might host in your region. We might have interested parties here? Thanks!

  • *Usernames have been changed to protect the innocent.

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