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  • 03/08 10:25:13 Nickolas: Hey! Belated welcome to @Abelardo ! You working on anything in particular? Have games/works you can share?

  • 03/08 11:04:38 Abelardo: For a while I was making a game every week using pico8, and I blogged about it here: http://www.quidditycode.com
    I also participated in the Ludum Dare with a couple friends and we made this: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-37/?action=preview&uid=125632

  • 03/08 11:05:04 Abelardo: Now I’m working on a early prototype of a new game using HaxeFlixel

  • 03/08 16:08:25 Gavin: @Abelardo I just followed ya on Twitter. slightly_smiling_face

  • 03/08 16:09:02 Gavin: A game a week is impressive!

  • 03/08 16:26:32 Abelardo: Thanks, it was a lot of fun, and great practice at finishing small projects.

  • 03/15 23:22:47 Ludwig: has joined the channel

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