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  • 02/21 17:39:17 Jamir: point_up

  • 02/21 17:39:17 Erwin: Use your fork, get it working, open a pull request once it works for you

  • 02/21 17:40:16 Jamir: does the `npm ls` command i mentioned show multiple instances? thats the most direct way to see the versions that you actually have installed

  • 02/21 17:40:31 Erwin: The module hasn't been updated in a long time, but if you deliver something that works out of the box, it's not much effort for him to cut a new release

  • 02/21 17:50:25 Emerald: i see the other module now (sorry for delay was intransit) i’m not likely to fork the project as it _really_ isn’t worth my time. And since it hasn’t had a release in two years, wonder if it will ever be updated. i’ll drop my runtime down to ~3.x which is in the gulp-handlebars plugin; but i think i tried that and had the same issue

  • 02/21 17:53:28 Emerald: thanks for the assist

  • 02/21 17:58:13 Emerald: cool; bad cache, no errors w/ v3.0.3

  • 02/21 17:58:34 Emerald: thanks @Jamir & @Erwin

  • 02/21 18:13:07 Jamir: No problem. This is one of the specific headaches that finally got me to switch to npm scripts

  • 02/21 18:14:47 Erwin: haha, yeah, I managed to hold it in, but my kneejerk reaction to the problem was "man, I'm glad I started composing tools myself instead of going through a layer of task-runner/bundler"

  • 02/21 18:15:37 Erwin: That extra layer really screws you unless you're prepared to invest a ton of time into learning its framework

  • 02/21 18:16:40 Erwin: And possibly maintain your own (gulp|grunt|webpack|broccoli) go-between libraries for the tools you use

  • 02/21 22:44:30 Bette: eyes someone say webpack? wink

  • 02/22 08:06:57 Erwin: @Bette dat Slack notification :-P

  • 02/22 08:24:20 Bette: wink

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