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  • 07/31 11:33:09 Kraig: thanks for the advice. We only really look at Safari when a QA person complains about it. Binding it to our builds with Protractor will shorten that loop.

  • 08/02 10:10:51 Roy: has joined the channel

  • 08/02 10:29:20 Samual: What's the current hot setup for collecting stats on page speeds across a site? I used to use google webmaster tools, but I don't think that's the way anymore. Tips?

  • 08/02 10:30:39 Chung: like on all pages? or just a handful / main ones?

  • 08/02 10:32:13 Chung: cuz there’s always https://www.webpagetest.org/, but it’s very hands-on if you’re testing more than a handful of pages

  • 08/02 10:35:35 Samual: Yeah.. all

  • 08/02 10:35:52 Samual: Google used to be great for this.

  • 08/02 10:39:07 Chung: thinking_face I don’t know of anything off the top of my head, if someone has a recommendation though I’d love to see it eyes

  • 08/02 10:39:14 Chung: sounds super handy

  • 08/02 14:57:48 Samual: It's hard to do, because you really need to time initial request through response to render. There's slot of systems handoff there.

  • 08/02 15:16:51 Chung: yeah disappointed

  • 08/02 15:31:01 Gwendolyn: https://speedcurve.com/ is a service that ive used some and still have on my radar

  • 08/02 15:31:32 Gwendolyn: basically its a service wrapped around private webpagetest instances that tracks and graphs the data for you over time

  • 08/02 15:33:37 Gwendolyn: https://developers.google.com/web/tools/lighthouse/ also seems very promising, but i dont have direct experience with it yet

  • 08/02 15:34:37 Chung: Yeah, i don’t know the extent of what it’s able to track yet, but i’m excited to see what it can do

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