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  • 03/08 11:46:09 Gladyce: has joined the channel

  • 03/08 15:31:35 Colt: anyone know if there’s a way to force npm to d/l all modules from a specific location and _not_ check the default registry?

  • 03/08 15:36:37 Aliza: `npm config set registry https://your.registry.url/`

  • 03/08 15:45:13 Aliza: you can also drop an `.npmrc` file in your project and set `registry=https://your.registry.url/` in there.

  • 03/08 16:03:17 Colt: weird, i tried the command line option and it didn’t work; i must have done something wrong cuz configuring that did work. does it actually need to be a _registry_ or as in a full running instance with all the APIs and whatnot, or can it just be a file server w/ the packages in the right “place”?

  • 03/08 16:06:09 Colt: meh, probably an actual registry

  • 03/08 16:11:59 Jamison: it expects the full api to work, so it would need to be something like nexus or artifactory that provides the whole thing

  • 03/08 16:31:07 Colt: Yeah; i figured as much; it’s ok, cuz it’s NMP

  • 03/20 16:36:51 Estevan: heyo now this is neat

  • 03/20 16:36:52 Estevan: http://codepen.io/pro/projects/

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