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  • 07/25 07:15:42 Oma: has joined the channel

  • 07/25 20:29:50 Wilhelmina: anyone at AWS Summit in Chicago?

  • 07/26 08:31:58 Maisha: A couple of guys from my office went

  • 07/26 10:49:22 Hanh: Is anyone else here attending the precompiler day at KCDC next week? Have you heard anything from the conference on how to register for a session? I was told I'd get a survey in order to register about a month before, which I didn't, and now I'm not hearing back from the organizers.

  • 07/26 10:50:38 Timothy: @Stephan @Catherina point_up_2

  • 07/26 10:51:52 Stephan: We are in the process of putting the email together. It will be on a first-come, first-served basis

  • 07/26 10:52:29 Stephan: but you will receive an email survey to let us know which one(s) you plan on attending so we can try and make sure there's enough power, room, etc

  • 07/26 10:52:49 Stephan: remember that we are only three people organizing this in our spare time with full-time jobs

  • 07/26 10:52:58 Stephan: I apologize for any delays, etc

  • 07/26 10:53:13 Hanh: I also organize a conference. Sorry if you were offended, Lee. I emailed you directly yesterday.

  • 07/26 10:53:26 Stephan: Not offended

  • 07/26 10:53:39 Timothy: @Stephan youre preaching to the choir! wink #worklifevolunteerbalance

  • 07/26 10:53:43 Stephan: just at about 40 emails per-hour for the last three or four days

  • 07/26 10:54:33 Stephan: I had hoped the email would have gone out yesterday, but we're still waiting to hear back from some of the precompiler speakers regarding pre-requisites (if there are any)

  • 07/26 10:54:46 Hanh: ok thanks for the info!

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