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  • 01/03 13:14:33 Ralph: has joined the channel

  • 01/03 13:53:41 Ralph: I have a Python script which I ran pyInstaller on to create a portable windows exe. My eventual goal is to get this in the Windows store if that is possible, or at the least have Windows and Norton not freak out on it. In that effort I bought an open source code signature from Certum and signed the code. Still Norton quarentines it and Windows SmartScreen warns users about it. How do I get past these Norton/Smart Screen issues and can a portable exe be changed to appx for the Windows Store? In case it's not obvious, I'm not a Windows programmer so I'm a bit lost.

  • 01/03 14:14:02 Willa: I believe it is possible to get it converted. At the release of Windows 10 Microsoft had talked about an app which would convert any old exe into a Windows Store App. I dont have the article on hand but it should be possible, if not right now then soon. As for the rest of your questions I dont have any info

  • 01/03 14:18:08 Ralph: I think I know the app you are talking about which converts an exe to a Windows Store App. I tried it and wasn't sure what to put as the entry point. There were also some other confusing things about it which I don't recall right now

  • 01/03 14:22:08 Ralph: I just posted the question on Stack Overflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/41451632/python-script-as-a-safe-exe-and-maybe-even-a-windows-store-app

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