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  • 03/21 13:52:55 Randall: Well, this is bad but

  • 03/21 13:53:18 Randall: I copied the web.config into a file called xsp4.exe.config

  • 03/21 13:53:31 Randall: To this directory: /Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions/4.8.0/lib/mono/4.5

  • 03/21 13:53:41 Randall: and put in a default.aspx page

  • 03/21 13:53:49 Randall: ran xsp, and it loaded

  • 03/21 13:56:07 Geoffrey: Hm.

  • 03/21 13:58:28 Geoffrey: I still wouldn’t mind seeing your repo. Can you share it?

  • 03/21 13:59:58 Randall: Sure

  • 03/21 14:27:58 Sallie: Bit off topic, but have you had a look at .NET Core & http://ASP.NET Core?

  • 03/21 14:28:17 Sallie: i had a go at it on my mac this past xmas…

  • 03/21 14:30:14 Sallie: have basically 3 options… JetBrains Rider (in EAP), VS for Mac (in Beta), editor+dotnet CLI (I used VS Code)… the one challenge was they had just moved from project.json back to msbuild/csproj… Rider hadn’t been updated for that (i think next EAP last I saw) so that was a no go, VS for Mac felt kludgy, so I went the VS Code + dotnet CLI route.

  • 03/21 14:31:21 Sallie: still a bit early days and things are still in a bit of flux… remember getting all of the tooling setup correclty to take a bit of time, so maybe a bit too much for students.. but on the other hand, it is the way of the future.. i was plesantly surprised by the end of it

  • 03/21 14:32:44 Randall: There are a few core pet projects running around the office, I use the yeoman generator and cli, it is something I would like to spend more time in.

  • 03/21 14:38:22 Sallie: https://github.com/buildit/twig-api-dotnet-core here was my stab… it was a spike for a WebAPI that talks to a couchdb but that wasn’t really the point…it was more how does one get a hello world service up and runnign (with a test project too)… YMMV

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