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  • 07/31 14:27:41 Darcel: Two major options. Either use OS-vendor packages for libraries as much as possible, and rely on your OS patching/updating to fix that, or bundle the library as part of your dev/build environment, and treat it as managed code, just in a chunk that you typically don't edit directly, but periodically resync to upstream. The latter gives you more control, and works for libraries that aren't packaged, but requires more effort.

  • 07/31 14:29:17 Darcel: Alternately, go to the Docker-dream destination, and you are using ephemeral containers for everything, so when you have a library to upgrade, you just do that in dev, promote it through, and rebuild/replace your systems with newly built containers with the updated library. boom

  • 08/02 12:54:37 Glayds: has joined the channel

  • 08/04 15:11:00 Emmaline: people using terraform, do you use the `-out` option when `plan`ning, by default, or wat?

  • 08/10 15:19:40 Nelda: Only 41 days until https://devopsdayskc.eventbrite.com/?aff=slacklink get your tickets now!

  • 08/17 14:07:22 Stefanie: Anyone have any experience with running PM2 on a server and configuring it with ansible

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  • 08/17 16:06:39 Houston: @Stefanie new to PM2, but not new to ansible. What's catching you?

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