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  • 03/08 15:04:16 Ophelia: Did you know we record all of our DevOpsKC Meetup events and make every attempt to live stream? So even if you cannot make it out to our monthly meetings you can still get the content. Subscribe now. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtLOaHf3AnSPea2MnAidJQA

  • 03/08 15:04:20 Ophelia: April marks 4 years of the DevOps KC meetup. In that time we have held over 40 meetups on a regular monthly basis. We have brought in speakers from Europe, Australia, and all over the US. We have had the creator of Chef, Chocolatey, and Stackify share some exciting knowledge and vision. We have had the President of OWASP and an original developer of Docker come speak. And of course tons of local KC talent has shared amazing thoughts and tools. Beyond that we have had excellent open conversations on a number of culture, automation, and measurement topics.

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