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  • 06/07 16:17:08 Ty: alias that to flush or something

  • 06/07 16:18:13 Ty: there‚Äôs also `dscacheutil -flushcache`

  • 06/07 16:18:33 Ty: which bash-it uses (which is what i just switched to).. sets up some common osx aliases

  • 06/07 16:57:30 Jenae: sweet, thanks @Ty :+1:

  • 06/07 16:57:45 Ty: yw

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  • 06/15 15:05:05 Jacquline: so, one of our vendors shoved a MIB file over and a community string and said "go ahead and suck this into your telegraf / grafana setup; we have it working here so you should be fine"

  • 06/15 15:05:42 Jacquline: turns out they are using SNMP for server metric monitoring, which after just a wee bit of research I found out is a Not Awesome idea

  • 06/15 15:06:34 Jacquline: anyway, just venting. If anyone else shares my SNMP hate (at least for monitoring server metrics), we can commiserate.

  • 06/15 15:06:51 Jacquline: the documentation is _so bad_

  • 06/16 09:33:00 Fawn: SNMP can be a bit of a pain. It's clunky, quirky, and limited, especially on the server monitoring side.

  • 06/16 09:36:05 Fawn: It does have a few positives to it, too, though. It's standardized, well supported across a lot of tools, and most OS's have SNMP daemons included or available by default. That makes it a useful "lowest common denominator" sometimes.

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