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  • 12/22 09:51:07 Orpha: anyone using Sumologic?

  • 01/10 17:01:13 Belle: We would love to hear from people around all of the Midwest at our monthly DevOps meetup in KC.

    To this end we now have an open CFP https://www.papercall.io/devopskc We have some limited funds for travel. Submission does not guarantee a spot. Not submitting means we will not know about your interest.

  • 01/10 17:02:01 Belle: Meetups will be the third Tuesday of the month in 2017 (unless there are pressing scheduling needs)

  • 01/11 17:34:33 Estella: anyone have any experience with Docker + .NET Core?

  • 01/11 20:30:29 June: no but really interested in it… didn’t get far enough along in my http://ASP.NET Core spike to try it out… maybe in a couple weeks i can pick it back up

  • 01/12 06:48:24 Ricky: anyone using mongodb with python?

  • 01/12 09:28:57 Earnestine: @Ricky yep; what's up?

  • 01/12 09:35:45 Ricky: had a question with db.bios.find() but got resolved....thank you

  • 01/12 09:36:55 Ricky: @Earnestine

  • 01/12 09:37:19 Earnestine: gotcha - glad you got it worked out

  • 01/13 09:57:07 Jayce: has joined the channel

  • 01/16 14:58:56 Claudia: https://www.meetup.com/Omaha-DevOps-Meetup/events/236971594

  • 01/17 12:52:59 Belle: Tonight: https://www.meetup.com/DevOps-Kansas-City/events/236716764/

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