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  • 01/17 09:44:34 Keith: heh

  • 01/17 09:44:49 Keith: good luck @Daniella and please share if you do find

  • 01/17 09:45:15 Keith: I still use the Bill & Ted maxim of “be excellent to each other” at the beginning of each meetup, followed up by a link to our CoC

  • 01/17 09:45:43 Keith: that has seemed to work for us, and we have a couple folks that are not white men that participate regularly

  • 01/17 09:45:46 Keith: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • 01/17 10:06:41 Jordon: @Daniella I really like the Django Community diversity statement https://www.djangoproject.com/diversity/. Not sure if that's exactly what you're looking for but it may give you some ideas.

  • 01/17 10:07:23 Daniella: yeah, super familiar with Django Girls

  • 01/17 10:08:03 Daniella: essentially we're starting a "diversity scholarship" and don't want backlashes like we've seen with affirmative action

  • 01/17 10:08:31 Keith: Django sets a gold standard w/r/t diversity and inclusion heart_eyes

  • 01/17 10:08:45 Daniella: totes

  • 01/17 10:08:59 Daniella: we're about to start building our planning committee for our Django Girls workshop too

  • 01/17 10:12:38 Jordon: @Daniella Here's the wording we used in one of our financial aid blog posts for DjangoCon US: "We’ve had some questions from people who don’t feel like they are the type of person we’re looking for, but they still need financial help to attend DjangoCon US. Let us reassure you: we’re not looking to give any particular person funding! If you’re a member of an underrepresented group (whatever that means to you), if you have a lower income, or if your circumstances at this moment mean you need help to come to DjangoCon US, we want you to apply. You can ask for all or part of your costs to cover transportation, registration, or lodging. If you’re not sure whether or not you should apply for financial aid… the answer is, yes, if you need aid, you should apply!"

  • 01/17 10:14:29 Daniella: cool, thanks

  • 01/17 10:17:29 Jaylin: I feel I'm in the group of "dillusional ego-centric old 'rich' white men who don't like paying for stuff" Sign me up!
    (again, my apologies. My sense of humor is (1) not funny (2) very dry)

  • 01/17 10:18:11 Daniella: heh

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