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  • 03/08 12:05:21 Herta: That place was the 2nd worse/most abusive gaslighting company I ever worked for.

  • 03/08 12:05:38 Gertrude: How long ago was your tenure?

  • 03/08 12:05:46 Herta: just under a year

  • 03/08 12:07:24 Gertrude: Sorry your experience was bad disappointed I came from an extremely negative workplace and so far I’ve really enjoyed working with my peers. I really have no contact with the CEO so maybe there’s some insulation. Who knows.

  • 03/08 12:07:42 Herta: oh, that's great then.

  • 03/08 12:09:15 Herta: He's a grade A narcissist who will repeatedly lie to you and manipulate you, and the second you say something he doesn't like it gets ugly. And the politics and games people play(hopefully not anymore) to stay in his favor burn everyone around them badly.

  • 03/08 12:11:06 Herta: Although, working there taught me not to believe that all employers are good, and you should cover your ass and not expect professional decency from anyone ever.

  • 03/08 12:12:24 Gertrude: Oh did you work here under a year ago? Or work here for under a year a while back?

  • 03/08 12:12:32 Herta: No, it was ....

  • 03/08 12:12:41 Herta: 7, maybe 8 years ago?

  • 03/08 12:12:55 Gertrude: ah

  • 03/08 12:14:22 Gertrude: Yea I tend to pretty skeptical of employers, after my first gig working for someone that I’d classify as a clinical sociopath. And my tolerance goes down the longer I spend in this industry. I’ll keep my eyes/ears open!

  • 03/08 12:15:26 Herta: yeah, I think working for sociopaths are probably scarier, I've been there too. These days I prioritize companies I interview with on leadership over tech.

  • 03/08 12:16:40 Herta: I'm also writing jQuery these days .... grass is always greener ...

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