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  • 04/13 11:25:16 Yasmin: It's a tricky situation. Best advice I have is strong leadership and try to get as much of the role and responsibility information designated clearly, and in writing. If everyone is on the same page about who owns what duties, it at least helps reduce friction over territorial disputes.

  • 04/13 11:26:47 Yasmin: Without getting into specific situations, it's hard to go much further, though. As @Nikolas mentioned, each case is different, and has its own complications based on the people and situation.

  • 04/25 10:00:26 Camryn: Any Omaha Meetup organizers. We are going to do general call for meetup speakers at the Spring Tech Omaha Happy Hour (http://techomha.com/party ). We know finding speakers can be one the toughest things for meet up organizers we want to try and use the party to help as much as we can. Also if you have any other ideas of ways that we can help all meet ups please let us know.

  • 04/25 10:04:51 Bella: Spring 2107?

  • 04/25 10:06:30 Camryn: Yes we are just trying to make sure we are ahead of the game for the new century

  • 04/25 10:06:52 Camryn: Fixed

  • 04/25 10:07:06 Bella: stuck_out_tongue

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