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  • 02/16 10:45:55 Jolie: ha. or inebriation.

  • 02/16 10:46:31 Jolie: but, like, 8hrs. not 16. that’s not realistic. that’s WAY too much pressure you put on yourself if you genuinely think in that way.

  • 02/16 10:46:37 Jolie: SELF CARE heart

  • 02/16 11:05:16 Abigayle: jenniferwadella: haha "I put this on the Internet, don't share it!" wink

  • 02/16 11:06:10 Minerva: well, no. community organizing should be a safe, private space for organizers to discuss issues and get better at what we do.

  • 02/16 11:06:56 Abigayle: um, that wasn't a public FB post?

  • 02/16 11:07:25 Minerva: it was. from her. I posted it here to reference for a private discussion.

  • 02/16 11:08:11 Abigayle: ... and she highlighted Google Fibre -- which notifies them... shrug anyhoo, I won't spread this channel around

  • 02/16 11:10:48 Minerva: thanks. I just know how easily issues can flame up from this - I alerted our social team not to respond in case it exacerbates the issue

  • 02/16 11:13:01 Abigayle: "our social team"?

  • 02/16 11:14:00 Minerva: KCWiT has a marketing committee that handles social and marketing across all our program accounts.

  • 02/17 19:20:35 Francisco: has joined the channel

  • 02/17 19:27:45 Kasandra: has joined the channel

  • 02/21 08:21:56 Minerva: me after the dumbest fucking coffee meeting this morning when the dude hit me with a boring ass powerpoint presentation before I had even gotten my coffee: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gnj3F7-DcQY

  • 02/21 10:03:14 Abigayle: ooo nice material

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