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  • 08/07 10:57:16 Tyler: Well, other than having more certs than someone who does not have both certs,

  • 08/07 10:57:21 Rene: slightly_smiling_face

  • 08/07 10:57:42 Tyler: companies with an Amazon Partner Network competency I *think* have to have basically a certain number of certs on staff, not a certain number of certified staff

  • 08/07 10:57:44 Rene: I was wondering if the associate cert content is a subset of the developer one

  • 08/07 10:58:07 Tyler: oh, no. they're considered the same tier. there's just a lot of overlap

  • 08/07 10:58:56 Rene: yeah, we’re in the “Amazon Partner Network” and I was going to acquire a few certs. Sounds like I might as well try for both

  • 08/07 10:59:08 Tyler: actually, now that I think of it. there is one argument for taking the Architect first

  • 08/07 10:59:22 Tyler: because there's a 2nd tier to the architect one, that you can get

  • 08/07 10:59:30 Tyler: it goes Architect Associate, then Architect Professional

  • 08/07 10:59:38 Tyler: but there's no second tier to the developer cert

  • 08/07 10:59:40 Rene: ah

  • 08/07 11:00:09 Tyler: so if you want to get to the professional tier you would have to take either the architect associate, or the third associate-level we haven't discussed so far -- sysops administrator

  • 08/07 11:01:06 Tyler: the developer one is the only one that's a "dead end"

  • 08/07 11:01:21 Tyler: but they may come out with a professional tier developer cert at some point, who knows

  • 08/07 11:10:07 Rene: dizzying ..

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