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  • 02/24 09:02:28 Nicholaus: are we still using this channel? hope so! I'm having a hard time with the Extract Text Webpack Plugin and Webpack 2 in my new angular project. I'm building a component library, so I want to create a global css bundle to be included in libraries using the components. (The components are angular wrappers around other libs, so I'm requiring their CSS in my component library app so I have it globally.) The problem I'm having is that the CSS is inlining in the component library instead of spitting out a separate bundle. Trying to figure out if I'm doing it wrong or should open an issue. These are my webpack rules: https://github.com/PRX/styleguide.prx.org/blob/master/webpack/webpack.dev.js#L30 Anything obvious to anyone?

  • 02/24 09:24:02 Nicholaus: got it slightly_smiling_face I had left my loader overrides in my requires. oops, doing it wrong, usually the case, heh.

  • 02/24 10:26:41 Bryon: has joined the channel

  • 02/24 13:44:02 Pedro: I'll swing back to this I have done answers

  • 02/24 13:45:45 Nicholaus: @Pedro I fixed it, but I'll take any input you've got. Thanks!

  • 02/24 13:56:16 Nicholaus: In case it helps anyone else, this is what I had done wrong when requiring global css, I left the loader overrides in there (oops, work in progress) https://github.com/PRX/styleguide.prx.org/commit/89a0b33e86f3e9d83d58ebde3a7783b180d20a71#diff-9d1ce369e2c1911a3396f08342f28bb0L3

  • 02/27 13:55:18 Francisca: angular newbie here......need some help debugging an error

  • 02/27 13:55:31 Francisca: https://codepen.io/lordlabakdas/pen/RpPEGm

  • 02/27 13:56:03 Francisca: when I click the share button, the ion-content does not load....not sure why

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