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  • 04/05 08:15:13 Ethan: One nicety I miss sometimes coming from being a React dev is object spreading. I guess TypeScript gets it in v2.1, but the CLI is still on v2.0. I have an Angular project with my own webpack build using TypeScript 2.1, so there is hope. My Angular projects also go TS => ES5.

  • 04/05 11:05:04 Eliseo: d:-D

  • 04/05 11:05:05 Eliseo: smile

  • 04/05 23:38:11 Jerrold: https://www.nativescript.org/blog/free-video-training-on-nativescript-javascript-and-nativescript-angular

  • 04/06 10:19:12 Adolfo: dont like the honey bbq

  • 04/10 10:30:00 Jackeline: has joined the channel

  • 04/12 14:56:34 Ethan: I am putting together an Angular component library and could use some guidance. I _think_ what I am missing is that my library is not AOT compatible. When I import the library's NgModule into my CLI project, I get a TypeScript error `Error encountered resolving symbol values statically. Calling function 'makeDecorator', function calls are not supported. Consider replacing the function or lambda with a reference to an exported function, resolving symbol NgModule` I moved to importing my library bundled with rollup instead of importing an unbundled export because I saw a recommendation from @Eliseo to do so and was having this error. I kinda thought that shouldn't be necessary anymore. I also find it annoying because it doesn't automatically grab my styleUrls files, so I resorted to using gulp to pull them inline. Apparently there are clear guidelines available (https://github.com/angular/angular-cli/issues/3707#issuecomment-268864098) to make it AOT compatible and a way to generate the metadata required. Anyone know where I can find those?

  • 04/12 14:57:04 Ethan: The thing I find most annoying is that I can get this component library to work with a webpack build. I really need it to work in a CLI project though.

  • 04/12 18:05:28 Ethan: In case someone wants to take a look at the above problems, these are the projects with me on the struggle bus https://github.com/PRX/chart.prx.org> has the components I am trying to import is supposed be the central place to gather components and 3rd party styles and the feat/episode-downloads-chart branch on

  • 04/12 18:07:13 Ethan: http://chart.prx.org has the ngc/rollup bundle + gulp to inline CSS that I have been able to get working (mostly, I get a webpack error if I don't wave the npm link and install chickens in the appropriate order). I'm just not sure I need to still be using that approach, feels so 6 months ago.

  • 04/13 20:24:27 Rosanna: Anyone looking for an Angular (2+) dev?

  • 04/14 09:26:50 Ethan: So I figured out the problem with my component library (above.) Angular needs to be a peerDependency in the component lib or the NgModule decorator doesn't work. That was fun.

  • 04/18 16:43:27 Edythe: Stupid question about `orderBy`:

  • 04/18 16:45:00 Edythe: In my mind, if I pass in an array of functions to the `orderBy` filter in an `ng-repeat`, I would assume that each function should return `true`, setting the collection basically to the order of the functions in the array.


  • 04/18 16:49:07 Edythe:

    var order = [
    function(item) {
    return item.name === 'Zzz';
    function(item) {
    return item.name === 'Rrr';
    function(item) {
    return item.name === 'Ttt';
    function(item) {
    return item.name === 'Xxx';

    <ng-repeat="item in items | orderBy: myCtrl.order">{{item.name}}</ng-repeat>

    What I expect is `Zzz, Rrr, Ttt, Xxx` but what I instead get is `Xxx, Ttt, Rrr, Zzz`.

    I don't understand why this is in this order. I can easily reverse the order if I negate all of those function returns, or do something like `... | orderBy: myCtrl.order:reverse`, but I guess I'd like a little more explanation before I do so.

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