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  • 03/21 16:01:17 Bruce: I’m just hoping Fuchsia merges android and chrome os and brings the kernel up to linux mainline

  • 03/21 16:02:11 Bruce: I saw nexus 7 got mainline support.....can only access the serial over headphone jack

  • 03/23 21:48:26 Mathias: Dagger multibindings don't play well in Kotlin. If you try to inject a multibound Set (I assume the same for Map), dagger compiler throws an error. You can fix it by defining the set as `java.util.Set` when injecting, but Kotlin lint will say "heyyy, don't use that here!".

  • 03/24 12:04:21 Joannie: oh weird

  • 03/24 13:13:00 Marjolaine: Does anyone use SqlDelight for day to day development?

  • 03/24 13:13:50 Mac: I am currently working on integrating it and hopefully will be using it day to day. Just started integrating it though

  • 03/24 13:15:15 Marjolaine: Once you get it integrated let me know. I’d be curious of your thoughts on it.

  • 03/24 13:15:21 Mac: K

  • 03/24 13:15:49 Mac: Our initial DB will be pretty simple just for queueing offline requests

  • 03/24 13:16:09 Mathias: I use it in my current personal project. Along with SqlBrite

  • 03/24 13:24:12 Marjolaine: The more you use it do you like it more or less?

  • 03/24 13:40:36 Mathias: I reall like SqlBrite for the reactive queries. I do like SqlDelight as well, but I feel it would probably be most beneficial for apps that required some more complex queries since you write them in SQL. I wanted to use it to get more comfortable with SQL.

    It's probably what I will go with for any future projects as well, for what it's worth. The plugin is nice since it generates classes without having to build, so iterating models is really smooth

  • 03/24 13:53:23 Marjolaine: I never really thought about it as a tool to get better with SQL. I could definitely up those skills a little more.

  • 03/24 13:55:14 Mac: @Marjolaine what do you not like about it?

  • 03/24 13:57:08 Marjolaine: Haven’t used it much yet. I was just curious of people’s opinions who have been using it for awhile.

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