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  • 04/20 09:09:19 Graciela: I really don’t see a difference between this and realm

  • 04/20 09:11:07 Graciela: I’m kinda curious… what does everyone use for their database stuff?

  • 04/20 09:12:56 Alice: Realm objects are bound to the thread they were retrieved on, that's one difference from a quick read.

  • 04/20 09:13:43 Graciela: Does realm have reactive extentions? http://greenrobot.org/objectbox/documentation/data-observers-reactive-extensions/

  • 04/20 09:18:42 Alice: It has some RxJava support, but not it's own implementation of Reactive Extensions like ObjectBox...that's pretty cool (though I'd probably use the RxJava library for it)

  • 04/20 09:22:24 Cheyanne: I’ve been using realm for the last two projects I’ve worked on. I like it a lot. Quick and easy.

  • 04/21 15:09:26 Graciela: @Logan Just watched the Litho video

  • 04/21 15:09:40 Graciela:

  • 04/21 15:09:47 Graciela: They are doing some crazy stuff

  • 04/21 15:13:04 Logan: For sure! Not sure if/when I’ll use it. But definitely a lot of cool stuff going on!

  • 04/21 15:14:47 Graciela: I thought their use of Drawables was really neat. I’m curious of how they got the measure and layout on a background thread.

  • 04/21 15:15:42 Logan: Yeah, definitely a lot of work for a ll of that. Having to basically reimplement all of the view system in drawables. Crazy.

  • 04/22 11:33:03 Alice: @Logan You were very accurate in your description of building iOS views. Started the iOS version of my app, and while I’m sure it will get (somewhat) easier over time---holy shit creating views sucks.

  • 04/22 11:33:38 Alice: Apple’s docs are pretty great, though

  • 04/22 11:41:16 Logan: haha. Yeah, I’m sure it’ll get easier over time. But I’m sure I’d still struggle like crazy if I were to do it.

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