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  • 02/21 12:29:16 Joseph: The founder of gradle will be speaking at OJUG tonight if anyone is interested https://www.meetup.com/omahajava/events/237756531/

  • 02/21 12:42:06 Abbigail: I’ll be there!

  • 02/21 13:13:48 Barton: Are these recorded?

  • 02/21 16:20:06 Bette: @Barton Sometimes, ...

  • 02/22 10:37:58 Brooks: has joined the channel

  • 02/22 10:56:58 Brooks: wave Hey all, this is a repeat post from but wanted to get straight to the source... I’m the UX and Product Lead at From Now On. We’re looking for an senior/architect level developer with a focus on android mobile development. Great pay, fun/smart team, super cool product, flexible hours, all the goodies. Only catch is we’re looking for someone who can be physically present in the Omaha Metro area. DM me if you’re interested or if you know someone I could talk to.
    us: http://from-now-on.com
    job: http://www.clientresourcesinc.com/job/mobile-architects/

    If you’re not feeling like you’re a senior/architect level developer just yet, get a hold of me anyway because we’ll have a position for an android developer on that same team very shortly. Have a great day.

  • 02/22 11:01:59 Brooks: wave @Jerrod!

  • 02/23 20:07:19 Ebony: has joined the channel

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