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  • 12/16 11:04:59 Joyce: @Anjali All of the artifacts were just approved for my json library! You don’t need to build the source now!

  • 12/16 11:11:23 Rory: niiice

  • 12/16 11:14:00 Joyce: Please please please try it, and report anything that isn’t easy. Honestly ask questions, because if you ask questions, so will others. And I want to make the documentation comprehensive.

  • 12/16 13:47:09 Wayne: has joined the channel

  • 01/09 21:20:26 Archibald: Anyone know of any local companies that might sponsor the (Android)GDG Omaha meetup for a location and optimally pizza and beer. Also optimally not downtown

  • 01/10 08:06:36 Tiara: If you need a place, I know it’s downtown but Agape should be available.

  • 01/10 16:07:25 Anjali: Anyone know if it’s possible to embed Google Docs in an app?

  • 01/13 15:38:34 Joyce: Looks like Dagger 2 is now being built with Bazel. Cool! https://github.com/google/dagger/pull/555/files

  • 01/16 09:46:24 Anjali: We are doing lightning talks for the next android meetup in

  • 01/16 09:46:31 Anjali: Omaha if you are interested let me know

  • 01/16 09:47:05 Anjali: lighting talks = 15 - 20 min for each person

  • 01/16 09:51:15 Joyce: I’m sure I’d be able to come up with something

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