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  • 10/26 09:49:57 Bethany: yeah, that might be Slack's biggest failing so far

  • 10/26 09:50:31 Bethany: I've started migrating my XMPP chat rooms to Discord, which isn't as nice as Slack in a few ways, but at least only forces you to get one single account

  • 10/26 09:52:30 Bethany: It's also not obscenely expensive for full features

  • 10/26 09:52:38 Bethany: and by "not obscenely expensive" I mean "free"

  • 10/26 10:42:23 Madie: I have to imagine 7 Slacks must eat up about 4 GB of ram too

  • 10/26 11:30:23 Alayna: I'm at 7 as well

  • 10/26 11:31:30 Gayle: 660MB currently

  • 10/26 11:32:10 Gayle: what's irssi's memory footprint?

  • 10/26 11:42:24 Forrest: @Gayle - I have multiple slack processess running

  • 10/26 11:42:36 Forrest: Is that total for you or just the largest one?

  • 10/26 11:43:26 Forrest: I really should stop keeping twitter pinned. It'll eventually use as much RAM as I allow it to

  • 10/26 11:47:04 Bethany: the Twitter web client has been nearly unusable for me the last few months

  • 10/26 11:49:02 Winfield: i recommend trying the beta. i have 6 open and am at 80mb

  • 10/26 11:50:20 Bethany: I'm on the Slack beta client too, switching between servers and rooms is a lot faster

  • 10/26 11:55:58 Margret: I just want everyone here to know that I was given the go-ahead to put a party parrot easter egg in the company‚Äôs app. XD

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