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  • 12/02 11:54:06 Branson: @Linnie and if Slack ever gets that popular we'll see the same thing, only it'll be more like scrolling through Tumblr than a text file stuck_out_tongue

  • 12/02 11:58:44 Maxie: I hope in some sick bed somewhere @Meaghan is proud of me for levelling up my remote pairing skills yesterday https://gist.github.com/jhannah/0e4a3d691c1f0169d57d667c3e78be26

  • 12/02 11:59:17 Maxie: next: nerdtree?

  • 12/02 12:21:54 Linnie: Lol. I installed giphy on my team slack and I saw a preview of that future.

  • 12/02 13:10:46 Meaghan: nice!

  • 12/02 15:07:12 Jacky: Oh man, @Veronica and I were just reminiscing about IRC last night.

  • 12/02 15:07:19 Jacky: #findscrim

  • 12/02 16:41:10 Veronica: “yes hello im looking for strangers"

  • 12/02 23:42:13 Bartholome: has joined the channel

  • 12/04 16:56:15 Wilfredo: Welcome @Bartholome! Josh is a brilliant developer, glad to have you here!

  • 12/04 16:57:14 Bart: lol, Slack gave me the name ping and I was almost inappropriately flattered there

  • 12/04 16:57:38 Bart: but I'll join Rebecca in welcoming @Bartholome :-)

  • 12/04 18:12:10 Wilfredo: @Bart You’re brilliant too!!

  • 12/04 18:12:47 Wilfredo: Yeah I get pinged every time ya’ll refer to the Rebecca who sings that Friday song

  • 12/04 18:21:59 Jana: Slack is trying to recreate a realistic office environment, like where I look up like a meerkat every time someone says the word “Susan” anywhere near me even though they’re halfway across the office and clearly talking about someone else.

  • *Usernames have been changed to protect the innocent.

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