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  • 01/19 14:30:30 Jefferey: It's marketing, what do you expect?

  • 01/19 14:30:48 Amelie: I expect approximately four fewer badges smirk

  • 01/19 14:31:17 Jefferey: shakes head while muttering "technologists"

  • 01/19 14:32:07 Amelie: Their FAQ is crazytown http://faq.windev.com/13544-xcode_xcode8_ios_ios10_10_plist_privacysensitive_data-read.awp?AWPID899DA682=F978CCE351A47E638DBC97FA84D2D0081A33B0FB

  • 01/19 14:32:23 Amelie: >>>WINDEV Mobile 21 update 1 (65s) was meant to be used with Xcode 7 (7.3.1). An upgrade is now available for using Xcode 8. Xcode 8 is able to compile applications for IOS 10.

    Here is a link to download the upgrade :

    This upgrade is also addressing the warning "This app attempts to access privacy-sensitive data without a usage description" that is returned by Apple when publishing an app. The assistant for compiling your app will now ask you to enter the information required for the app's Info.plist and explaining to the user why the app need to access privacy-sensitive data.

  • 01/19 14:32:44 Amelie: They literally need a binary patch to maintain compatibility with new releases of Xcode

  • 01/19 14:35:36 Jefferey: 100

  • 01/19 16:23:45 Westley: has joined the channel

  • 01/19 16:24:35 Westley: has left the channel

  • 01/19 17:17:54 Stephan: Is there a channel that’s appropriate for Agile (and other process-type) questions?

  • 01/19 17:18:00 Stephan: Or should I just drop them here

  • 01/19 17:31:22 Forrest: Sounds #general to me!

  • 01/19 18:00:19 Jensen: ya, i cant figure out what the purpose of windev is

  • 01/19 18:00:33 Jensen: or if there is a way around using it for application built using it

  • 01/19 18:00:41 Jensen: i installed the demo and my eyes bled

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