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  • 03/24 09:19:04 Murl: err day is fries day. Steak fries, waffle fries, curly fries, chicken fries, andy capp's hot fries, futurama's fry.

  • 03/24 09:24:25 Murl: http://angularjs.blogspot.com/2017/03/angular-400-now-available.html

  • 03/24 12:26:47 Philip: fried_shrimp day!

  • 03/24 12:32:31 Fred: woo they put a salad bar in our building ! $0.25 an ounce. nomnomnom

  • 03/24 13:33:37 Bryana: @Kavon saw you made and then retracted a PR against transducers-js thismorning. Are you using it?

  • 03/24 13:34:52 Kavon: nah, won't be using it directly, but will probably be using a library that conforms to the transducer protocol they defined

  • 03/24 13:35:39 Kavon: I watched the Rich Hickey talk on transducers, and I'm sold

  • 03/24 13:37:08 Kavon: ah, I hadn't made the connection that you were at Cognitect - is that library deprecated?

  • 03/24 13:39:50 Bryana: Not deprecated, but there ain’t a lot to “maintain”. slightly_smiling_face

  • 03/24 16:20:07 Claudie: W100? wink

  • 03/24 16:22:23 Claudie: I saw the announcement for the salad bar earlier. Can't be that many places/buildings that opened a salad bar today. wink

  • 03/24 16:23:00 Claudie: I didn't realize there were other West people on Midwest Dev Chat. wink

  • 03/24 17:40:48 Fred: yeah!

  • 03/24 17:41:18 Fred: I need to leave there why am I still working at almost 6pm on a Friday?

  • 03/24 17:41:36 Fred: I mean leave for the weekend not like life heh

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