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  • 08/26 14:23:25 Maryam: at least it isn’t Gentoo– they gave you a cow, a field to grow wheat in, and a bunch of tools. smile

  • 08/26 14:23:39 Maryam: (I used Gentoo for the better part of the 2000s)

  • 08/26 14:33:46 Gino: We still deal with Gentoo occasionally ;_;

  • 08/26 14:52:20 Matilda: @Gunner Shea Degan is my business partner. The 88 comes from Nebraska police code http://meanstreetsoma.com/omaha-police-service-status-10-codes/

  • 08/26 14:52:59 Gunner: whew

  • 08/26 14:56:05 Matilda: I've pointed this unfortunate coincidence out before, much to his annoyance sweat_smile

  • 08/26 14:56:25 Gunner: If you want to annoy him more you could say that the logo looks like that Nazi eagle.

  • 08/26 14:58:43 Flavie: alassek do you own a chunk of 88-Tactical? I'll be in the corner with my back to the wall when the zombies come

  • 08/26 14:59:47 Matilda: No we're partners in another venture. 88Tactical is the nest egg he built from the proceeds of selling Signal88, along with a bunch of additional investment

  • 08/26 15:00:36 Matilda: He is part owner of Lyconic, along with me and Aron

  • 08/26 15:00:36 Flavie: cool beans. Just hoping the outbreak isn't the WW-Z variety.

  • 08/26 15:00:56 Flavie: oh he is? thumbsup:skin-tone-2:

  • 08/26 22:38:18 Lon: lol @Anibal https://twitter.com/dylanbaumann/status/769268328988676097

  • 08/27 07:21:45 Anibal: thinking_face

  • 08/27 07:22:08 Anibal: "For indoor/outdoor use only"

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